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Let's Take a Walk

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Michele Perron (CAN) - January 2009
Let's Take a Walk - Raphael Saadiq : (CD: The Way I See It)
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Introduction: 24 Counts

Sec 1 (1- 8) Forward, Forward, Sailor-Turn, &-Tap, Hold, &-Tap, &-Step
1,2 LEFT, RIGHT Steps forward
3&4 LEFT Sailor triple with 1/2 Turn L (L crossed behind R, R forward 1/4 Turn, L side L with 1/4 Turn) (6 o'clock)
&5,6 RIGHT Step back with 1/2 Turn L, LEFT Toe/Tap across front of R, HOLD
&,7 LEFT Step forward with 1/2 Turn L; RIGHT Toe/Tap behind L (6 o'clock)
&,8 RIGHT Step behind L: LEFT Step slightly forward diagonal L

Sec 2 (9-16) Forward, Forward, Salsa Forward, Back, Turn, L Triple Forward
1,2 RIGHT, LEFT Steps forward diagona l L [take a walk]
3&4 RIGHT Rock/Step forward, LEFT Recover/Step behind R, RIGHT Step back
5,6 LEFT Step back, RIGHT Step forward with 1/2 Turn R (12 o'clock)
7,8 LEFT Triple forward diagonal L (L forward, R beside, L forward)

Sec 3 (17-24) Cross/Rock, Recover/Back, R Triple Side, L Crossing Triple, Back, Turn
1,2 RIGHT Rock/Step across front of L; LEFT Recover/Step behind R
3&4 RIGHT Triple side R (R side R, L beside R, R side R)
5&6 LEFT Crossing Triple side R (L across front of R, R side R, L across front of R)
7,8 RIGHT Step back: LEFT step forward with 1/2 Turn L (6 o'clock)

Sec 4 (25-32) Forward, Lock-&, Forward, Lock-&, Rock/Forward, Recover/Back, Turn, Touch
1,2 RIGHT Step forward diagonal R; LEFT 'Lock/Step' forward & crossed behind R
& RIGHT Step forward diagonal R
3,4 LEFT Step forward diagona l L; RIGHT 'Lock/Step' forward & crossed behind L
& LEFT Step forward diagonal L
5,6 RIGHT Rock/Step forward; LEFT Recover/Step back
7,8 RIGHT Step forward with 3/4 Turn R; LEFT Touch beside R (3 o'clock)

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