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Get in line

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Beginner NC2
Linda Lindquist (SWE) - February 2009
Damaged - Shane Ward
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Left nightclub, grapevine, L step, R step, L rock and turn ½,
1,2 & Long step to the L, step R behind, cross L over R
3,4 & 5 R to R side, L behind, R to R side, L step forward
6,7,8,& R step forward, L rock forward, rock onto R turning½ , L step forward (6 o´clock)

R nightclub, side step L, L jazzbox, step, sway x2, touch
1,2 & Long step R, L behind R, R cross over L
3,4 & L to L side, R cross over L, L step back
5,6 R to R side, L step Forward
7,8 & step R to side and sway, sway L, R touch beside L

Long R step, turning vine ¼ to R, L rock turn ½, step L, R, jazzbox cross.
1,2 & R long step to R, L behind, R to R turning ¼. (9 o´clock)
3,4 & L rock , rock on to R, and turn ½ to L. (3 o´clock)
5,6 R step forward, L cross over R
7,8 & R step back, L to L side, R cross over L

Step, sway x2, 1/4 trun R, turn ½ R, turn ¼ R, step, step turn½, step turn ½
1,2 & L to L, sway R, L,
3,4 & 1/4 R (step forward onto R), turn ½ R (step back onto L), Step R to side making ¼ turn R. 3 o´clock)
5,6 & L step forward, R step turn L ( 9 o´clock)
7,8 & R step forward, L step turn R (3 o´clock)


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