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A Little Love

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Carolina Lindgren - February 2009
Put A Little Love - Al Green & Annie Lennox
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Section 1: Sway x2, ¼ Turn, Point step back touch, Lock Step
1-2 Sway Right hip To Right, Sway Left hip To Left.
3-4 On Right Ball Turn ¼ to Left, Point Left Toe forward.
5-6 Step Back On Left Foot, Touch right toe in front of Left toe.
7&8 Step Forward on right Foot, lock left behind, step forward on right foot.

Section 2: Cross unwind Full Turn, Sweep , Rock Back, ¼ Turn X2, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Cross Left Over right, Full Turn to Right weight on left, Sweep Right from front to back.
3-4 Rock back on right recover back on left.
5-6 Turn ¼ to right on right foot, Turn ¼ to right on right by stepping left out to left side.
7&8 Cross right over left, step a small step on left to the side, Cross right over left.

Section 3: Rock, Behind Side, Cross Rock, Shuffle Turn Full Turn
1-2 Rock Left Diagonally , Recover Back on Right
3-4 Step left behind right, Step Right to right side.
5-6 Cross Rock Left over Right Diagonally, Recover Back on Right
7&8 Shuffle full turn to left by stepping Left, Right, Left.

Section 4: Long Step, Slide, Back rock, Long Step, Slide, Cross Shuffle.
1-2 Make a long Step to the right, slide left beside right.
3-4 Rock back on left foot, Recover back on right.
5-6 Make a long Step to the left, slide right beside left.
7&8 Cross left over right, take a small step to the right, cross left over right.

Tag: 8 counts after 4:th wall At 12 O´Clock . Danced only once.
1-4 Weight on left foot, Paddle turns ¼, X 4 To The left.
&5-8 Change Weight to right foot. Paddle Turns ¼, X 4 To The Right
Have your arms out to the side and look like “you don´t Know “ As you paddle around.

After 1:st Wall Point with your Left index finger at someone on the word “You”
Then point at your self with right hands Index finger on the word “ Me “
Put your Right Hand on Your Heart on the word “Heart “

Begin Again And Have Fun


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