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This Train

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Lizzie Clarke (SCO) - June 2009
This Train - Ruby Turner : (CD Single)
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Start dance 8 counts after she sings ‘All Aboard’

Right strut, cross strut, scissor step, left strut, cross strut, scissor step ¼ right
1&2&3&4 Touch right toe to right side & snap heel down, cross left toe over right & snap heel down, rock right & recover left, cross step right over left
5&6&7&8 Touch left toe to left side & snap heel down, cross right toe over left & snap heel down, rock left & recover right turning ¼ right, step fwd left

Mambo forward, coaster back, rock recover ¼ right, left cross shuffle
1&2,3&4 Rock forward right & recover left, step right beside left, Step back left & step right beside left, step forward left
5&6,7&8 Rock forward right & recover left, turn ¼ right stepping right to side, Cross step left over right & step right to side, cross step left over right

Rumba box, rock recover ¼ left, right cross shuffle, rumba box
1&2,3&4 Step right to side & close left beside right, step forward right, Rock forward left & recover right, turn ¼ left stepping left to side
5&6,7&8 Cross step right over left & step left to side, cross step right over left, Step left to side & close right beside left, step forward left

Charleston steps, rock recover ¼ right & step, rock side recover
1,2,3,4 Touch right toe forward, step back on right foot, touch left toe back, step forward on left foot
5&6&7,8 Rock forward right & recover left, turn ¼ right stepping right to side & step left beside right, rock right to right side, recover left

Start over………………….

Dedicated to Laurent who just loves this music.

Happy Dancin’……………………….Keep Smilin’…………………….Have Fun


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