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Hands Up

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Craig Bennett (UK) - October 2009
For the Lovers - Whitney Houston : (Album: I Look to You)
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Walk Forward, Rock Forward, Rock Side, Right Sailor, Left sailor ¼
1-2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4& Rock forward onto right, Recover onto left, Rock right to right side, Recover to left side
5&6 Right behind left, Left slightly to left side, step right next to left
7&8 Left behind right ¼ turn left stepping forward right, Step left forward (9:00)

Step ½ turn And Bumps, Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross
1-2 Step forward right, Make ½ turn pivot left (3:00)
&3&4& Bump left hip forward, Bump right hip back, Bump left hip forward, Bump right hip back, Bump Left hip forward making ¼ turn right (6:00)
5-6 Rock right to right side, Recover onto left side
7&8 Right behind left, step left to left side, Cross right over left

Side rock back recover, Side rock back recover, Step ½, ½ step
1-2& Step left to left side, Rock back onto right, Recover forward onto left
3-4& Step right to right side, Rock back onto left, Recover forward onto right
5-6 Step forward left, Step forward right
7-8 ½ left pivot, ½ left stepping right in place (6:00)

Rock ¼ Step, Step ½ step, Full turn forward
1-2 Rock left to left side, Recover making ¼ turn right stepping forward right (9:00)
3-4 Step forward left, Step forward right
5-6 ½ turn left pivot, Step forward right (3:00)
7&8 Full Turn forward turning left, right, left (3:00)


catman April 2, 2021
Very cool; so glad my teacher revived this recently.

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