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Room Service

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M.T. Groove (UK) - December 2009
Hotel Room Service - Pitbull
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64 count intro – start on lyrics ‘forget about your boyfriend’

Side Touch Behind, Side Touch, Walk Back, Hip Push Fwd, ¼ Hip Push Back.
1-2 Step R to R side, Touch L behind R.
3-4 Big step to L, Drag R into a touch next to L.
5-6 Walk back R,L, feet end up together.
7-8 Push hips fwd, Push hips back making a ¼ turn L. (finish with R knee popped fwd, weight L) (9.00).

Coaster ¼ Sweep, Behind Side, Hold Ball Side, Hitch Cross.
1&2 Step back on R, Close L next to R, Step fwd R as you ¼ turn L sweeping L out & around.
3&4 Continue with your L sweep for count 3, Step L behind R, Step R to R side.
5&6 Hold, Step R next to L, Step L to L side.
7-8 Hitch R, Cross R over L. (6.00).

Side Rock Recover, Triple ¾ Sweep, ¼ Turn Jazz Box.
1-2 Rock L to L side, Recover R. (angle upper body R, torque)
3&4 Make a ¾ triple turn L stepping L,R,L but sweep R around on count 4 (9.00).
5-6 Cross R over L, Make ¼ turn R as you step back L.
7-8 Step R fwd, step L next to R. Weight L (12.00)

Step Touch Hold X2, Side Cross, ¼ Step, ¼ Step/Kick.
&1-2 Facing L diagonal step R to R side, Touch L next to R, Hold.
&3-4 Facing R diagonal step L to L side, Touch R next to L, Hold.
5-6 Still facing R diagonal, step back on R, Cross L over R
7-8 Make just over a ¼ turn L step back R, Make ¼ turn L hop fwd on L kick R (straight leg) back. (6.00)

Scuff Hitch Step, Hip Roll, Jump Walk, ¼ Jump.
1&2 Scuff R fwd, Hitch R, Step R to R side.
3-4 Roll hips anti-clockwise over 2 counts.
5-6 Jump feet together, walk fwd R.
7-8 Walk fwd L, Make ¼ turn L as you jump both feet to R side – weight R (3.00).

Cross Behind Recover Side X2, ½ Pivot, 1 ½ Triple L,R,L
1&2 Cross rock L behind R, Recover R, Step L to L side.
3&4 Cross rock R behind L, Recover L, Step R to R side.
5-6 Step fwd L, Pivot ½ turn R, weight R (9.00).
7&8 ½ turn R step back on L, ½ turn R step fwd R, ½ turn R step back on L – weight L. (3.00).

Walk R,L, Step Swivel Swivel X2, & Lock ¾ Unwind.
1-2 Walk fwd R,L.
3&4 Step fwd R, Swivel R heel out, in..
5&6 Step fwd L, Swivel L heel out, in. (weight L)
&7-8 Step fwd on R, Lock L behind R, Unwind ¾ turn L, weight L (6.00).

Run R,L,R, Side Heel, Full Turn Walk Around.
1&2 Run fwd R,L,R
3-4 Step L to L side, Touch R heel across L (lean).
5-8 Make a full turn walk around stepping R,L,R,L (feet need to be together on count 8 with weight L) (6.00).

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