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So Sexxy

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John Robinson (USA) - January 2010
You're So Sexy - Marlee Scott : (CD: Album Version or Remix)
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Begin on vocals—24 count intro album version, 32 count intro remix.
Both versions: Dance 4 full repetitions then do the FIRST 24 counts and Restart (you will be facing 9:00 when this happens).

R Kick-Ball-Cross, R Side Step, L Touch, Turn 1/4 Left, Turn 1/2 Left, Coaster Step
1&2 Kick-ball-cross R kick diagonally forward right (1), R step ball of foot back (&), L step across R (2)
3,4 Step, touch R step side right (3), L touch next to R (4)
5,6 Quarter, half L step 1/4 turn left (5), pivot 1/2 left stepping R back (6)
7&8 Coaster step L step ball of foot back (7), R step ball of foot back next to L (&), L step forward (8)

R Touch Out, Step Forward, Hip Bumps (Forward, Side, Back) Gradually Turning 1/2 Right
1,2 Touch, step R touch side right (1), R step forward (2)
3,4 Forward, back L touch forward (keep weight back on R)/bump hips forward (3), bump hips back (4)
5,6 Side, side Pivot 1/4 right (keep weight on R)/bump hips left (5), bump hips right (6)
7,8 Back, back Pivot 1/4 right shifting weight to L/bump hips back twice (7,8)

Walk Forward R-L, Quick Rock Side Right, R Step Forward, Heel Click Sequence W/R Hitch
1,2 Walk, walk R step forward (1), L step forward (2)
&34 Quick rock-step R rock ball of foot side right (&), recover to L (3), R step forward (4)
5,6 Out, in L step side left turning toes out/heels in (5), return toes/heels to center (6)
7&8 Out-in-up Turn toes out/heels in (7), return toes/heels to center (&), raise R knee (8)

R Side Body Roll, L Side Body Roll Turning 1/4 R, R Syncopated Vine Turning 1/4 Right, R Stomp Up
1,2 Roll right R step side right rolling upper body right (1), settle weight over R (2)
3,4 Roll left L step side left turning 1/4 right/rolling upper body left (3), settle weight over L (4)
5,6 Side, behind R step side right (5), L step behind R (6)
&78 Turn-step-stomp Turn 1/4 right stepping R forward (&), L step forward (7), R stomp next to L keeping weight on L (8)


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