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Country Rock N Roll

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Sandi Larkins (USA) - April 2010
That's How Country Boys Roll - Billy Currington
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Walk Forward R, Walk Forward L, Triple Forward R, Forward L Rock, Recover, Triple Back L
1 Walk forward R 12 o'clock
2 Walk forward L
3&4 Step forward R (3) – Step L next to R (&) – Step forward R (4)
5 Rock forward on L
6 Recover weight back to R
7&8 Step L back (7) – Step R next to L (&) – Step L back

Rock Back R, Recover L, Rock R Side Right, Recover to L, Weave
1 Rock back on R
2 Recover weight back to L
3 Rock R out to R side
4 Recover weight back to L
5 Step/Cross R over L
6 Step L to L side
7 Step/Cross R behind L
8 Step L to L side

Cross Rock R over L, Recover L, R Triple ½ turn R, L Triple ¼ turn R, Step back R, Step L Tog with R
1 Cross rock R over L
2 Recover weight back to L
3&4 Step R ¼ turn R (3) – Step L together with R (&) – Step R ¼ R (4) – (As if you are rolling into the turn)
5&6 Step L back 1/4 turn R (5) – Step R together with L (&) Step L back (6)
7 Step back R
8 Step L together with R

Step forward R, Touch L, Step L Out, Hold, Roll Hips 2X in Circular Motion
1 Step forward on R
2 Touch L next to R
3 Step L out to L side
5-8 Roll Hips 2 X in Circular Motion - CCW

Begin Again ! Thanks for trying my dance and I hope you enjoy!!



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