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Rock N Love

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Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK) - April 2010
Bleeding Love - The Baseballs : (CD: Strike)
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Start after 32 count intro

(1-8) R Side, Hold, L Back Rock & Recover, L Side, Hold, R Back Rock & Recover
1-2 Step R side, hold (alternate step: R side toe strut)
3-4 Rock L back, recover weight on R
5-6 Step L side, hold (alternate step: L side toe strut)
7-8 Rock R back, recover weight on L

(9-16) ½ L & R Back, Hold, L Back Rock & Recover, R Full Turn Fwd, Hold
1-2 Turning ½ left step R back, hold (6 o’clock)
3-4 Rock L back, recover weight on R
5-6 Travel forward turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward
7-8 Step L forward, hold (6 o’clock)
Non-Turning alternative 5-8: walk forward L, R, L, hold

(17-24) Fwd R & L Diagonal Lock Steps With Scuffs
1-4 On right diagonal: step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward, scuff L forward
5-8 On left diagonal: step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward, scuff R forward

(25-32) R Fwd Mambo Step, Hold, ½ R Pivot Turn, Hold
1-4 Rock R forward, recover weight on L, step R together, hold
5-8 Step L forward, pivot ½ right, step L forward, hold (12 o’clock)

(33-40) R Box Fwd: Side, Close, Fwd, Touch Together; L Side Touch, L Touch Together; L Box Back: Side, Close
1-4 Step R side, step L together, step R forward, touch L together
5-8 Touch L side, touch L together, step L side, step R together

(41-48) Complete L Box: Back, Touch; R Side Touch, R Touch Together, Side, Tog Turn ¼ R & Scuff
1-4 Step L back, touch R together, touch R side, touch R together
5-8 Step R side, step L next to R, turning ¼ right step R forward, scuff L forward (3 o’clock)
RESTART: DURING wall 3 dance the first 47 counts. On count 48 stomp L tog and restart facing L side wall

(49-56) L Fwd Rock & Recover, ½ L Fwd, R Scuff, R & L Step Scuffs Fwd
1-4 Rock L forward, recover weight on R, turning ½ left step L forward, scuff R forward (9 o’clock)
5-8 Step R forward, scuff L forward, step L forward, scuff R forward

(57-64) R Jazz Box With ¼ R, 1/8 R & R Cross Over Toe Strut, 1/8 R & L Back Toe Strut
1-4 Cross step R over L, turning ¼ right step L back, Step R side, step L forward (6 o’clock)
5-8 Turning 1/8 right cross R toe over L, step R heel down, turning 1/8 right touch L toe back, step L heel down (3 o’clock)

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