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Pack Up & Tip Toe

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Pat Stott (UK) & Lizzie Stott (UK) - June 2010
Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
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Commence on vocals

Chasse right, rock back, recover, chasse left, rock back, recover
1&2 Step right to right, close left to right, right to right
3-4 Rock back on left behind right, recover onto right
5&6 Step left to left, close right to left, left to left
7-8 Rock back on right behind left, recover onto left

Diagonal rock forward, recover, close, diagonal rock back, recover, step forward, kick, ball, back, large step back
1-2 & Rock right diagonally forward to right, recover onto left, close right to left
3-4 Rock left diagonally back to left, recover forward onto right
5-6 & Step forward on left, kick right foot forward, step slightly back onto ball of right foot
7-8 Step slightly back on left, step large step back on right

Close, walk forward right, left, close and bend knees, push to right diagonal, bend, push to left diagonal, bend
1-4 Close left to right, walk forward on right then left, close right to left and bend knees
5-6 Straighten knees & push bottom diagonally back (Body facing 11 0’clock), bend knees and face (12 0’clock)
7-8 Straighten knees & push bottom diagonally back (body facing 1 0’clock), bend knees and face (12 0’clock) (weight on left)
Optional steps 4-8 : step right to right, bump hips to right x 2, bump hips to left x2

Walk round full turn to left
1 - 8 Straighten up and walk round a full circle left commencing on right (you can make this more fun by walking round to a different position in the room)

Grapevine right, brush, grapevine left with ½ turn left
1 – 4 Step right to right, left behind right, right to right, brush left next to right
5 – 8 Step left to left, cross right behind left, turn ¼ left and step forward on left, turn ¼ left and small step To right

Swivel to right – heels, toes, heels, toes, kick, ball step, step, hold & clap
1-4 Swivel to right - heels, toes, heels, toes (weight ending on left)
5&6 Kick right forward, step right next to left on ball of foot, step forward on left
7-8 Step forward on right, hold and clap hands

Point forward, side, behind, hold, rock back, recover, walk, walk
1 – 4 Point left toe across in front of right, point left to left, point left toe behind right, hold
5 – 8 Rock back on left, recover onto right, walk forward – left, right

Left heel forward, hold, close, tap, hold, raise and lower heels x 4
1- 2 & Left heel forward, hold, close left to right
3 – 4 Tap right next to left, hold
5 – 6 Lower right heel & raise left heel at the same time, lower left heel and raise right heel
7 – 8 Lower right heel & raise left heel, lower left heel & raise right heel ( the action is similar to knee pops But don’t turn knees in)

Have fun with this dance by changing places during the walk round, when she sings “tip toe” go on the toes.
When she sings “tweet, tweet” well …… we will leave that up to your imagination! ha ha!


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