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Crazy Bout A Mercury

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Gitte Kunckel Stehr (DK) - February 2009
Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson : (Album: A Lot About Livin' And A Little 'Bout Love)
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Intro: 32 Style: Country

Last updated: 23rd February 2009

1: Kick, kick, slow coaster step, hold, turn 1/4 left, hold
1-2 Kick R foot forward twice
3-4 Step R back, step L next to R
5-6 Step R forward, hold
7-8 On ball of both feet turn 1/4 left moving heels to right side, hold (weight on R, facing 9:00)

2: Heel, hook, heel, together/jump, heel, hook, heel, together/jump
1-2 Touch L heel forward, hook L heel over right
3-4 Touch L heel forward, step/jump L next to R
5-6 Touch R heel forward, hook R heel over L
7-8 Touch R heel forward, step/jump R next to L (weight on R)

3: Left vine with a ½ turn, brush, right vine, brush
1-2 Step L to left side, cross R behind L
3-4 Turn 1/4 left stepping L forward, turn 1/4 left and brush R
5-6 Step R to right side, cross L behind R
7-8 Step R to right side, brush L (facing 3:00)

4: Toe strut/finger clicks, rock back, toe strut/finger clicks, rock back
1-2 Step on L toe to left side, drop left heel with finger clicks
3-4 Rock back on right, recover on left
5-6 Step on R toe to right side, drop right heel with finger clicks
7-8 Rock back on left, recover on right

5: Step touch, step touch, step touch, step 1/4 turn, touch
1-2 Step L diagonal fw., touch R next to L
3-4 Step R diagonal fw., touch L next to R
5-6 Step L diagonal back, touch R next to L
7-8 Turn 1/4 right stepping R fw., touch L next to R (facing 6:00)

6: Kick, step, heel twist, kick, step, heel twist
1-2 Kick L foot fw., step L next to R
3-4 Twist heels to left side and back to center
5-6 Kick L foot fw., step L next to R
7-8 Twist heels to left side and back to center (weight on L, facing 6:00)


Ending: After finishing wall 11 (facing 6 o'clock), do the first 14 counts (now facing 3 o'clock), then on ball of left turn 1/4 left stepping R in front of L (count 15, now facing front wall) - wait till end of music


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