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Get Down

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Beginner / Intermediate
Darren Bailey (UK) & Lana Williams (UK) - July 2010
Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang
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Slide R, Heel Bounces X2, Slide L, Kick Ball Step
1-2 Take a big step to R side with Rf, touch Lf next to Rf
3-4 Bounce both heel into the floor x2 (bending at the knees)
5-6 Take a big step to L side with Lf, touch Rf next to Lf
7&8 Kick Rf forward, step Rf next to Lf, step forward onto Lf

Step Forward, Heel Swivel Turn 1/2, L Coaster Step, Walks X2, Forward Clap, Behind Clap
1&2 Step forward onto Rf, twist L heel towards R heel making a 1/4 turn L (weight ends on Lf), make a 1/4 turn L twisting R heel backwards (weight ends on Rf)
3&4 Step back on Lf, close Rf next to Lf, step forward onto Lf
5-6 Step forward on Rf, step Forward on L
7-8 Touch R heel forward whilst clapping hands in front, touch R toe back whilst clapping hands behind your body

Forward Shuffle R, Step 1/4 Turn L, Heel, Toe, Heel, Toe
1&2 Step forward on Rf, close Lf behind Rf, step forward on Rf
3-4 Step forward on Lf, make a 1/4 turn R (weight ends on Rf)
5-6 Touch L heel forward across Rf, touch L toe to L side
7-8 Touch L heel forward across Rf, touch L toe to L side

Step, Touch R, Step, Touch L, L Sailor Step, Cross Behind, Jump Out, In
1-2 Step Lf across Rf, touch Rf to R side
3-4 Step Rf across Lf, touch Lf to L side
5&6& Step Lf behind Rf, step Rf to R side, step Lf to L side, Step Rf behind Lf
7-8 Jump out with both Feet (dropping down slightly), jump both feet together (weight ends on Lf)


Susan Duncan August 7, 2021
Cute dance! Teaching this one!

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