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I'm Your Man

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Pim van Grootel (NL), José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Jonas Dahlgren (SWE) - August 2010
I'm Your Man - Wham!
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Starts after: 32 counts

Walk, Walk, Shuffle R, Rock & Rock
1 RF Step forward
2 LF Step forward
3 RF Step forward
& LF Step next to RF
4 RF Step forward
5 LF Step forward
6 Recover weight on RF
& LF Step next to RF
7 RF Step forward
8 Recover weight on LF

¼ Turn R, Shuffle R, Cross, ¼ Turn L 2x,Step, Clap, Step, Clap
1 RF ¼ Turn right stepping to right side
& LF Step next to RF
2 RF Step to right side
3 LF Cross over RF
4 RF ¼ Turn left stepping backwards
5 LF ¼ Turn left stepping to left side
6 Clap
& RF Step next to LF
7 LF Step to left side
8 Clap

Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, Cross, Toe Strut Back R,L,
1 RF Cross over LF
2 LF ¼ Turn R stepping back
3 RF Step to right side
4 LF Cross over RF
5 RF Touch toe backwards
6 RF Heel down
7 LF Touch toe backwards
8 LF Heel down

Rock R Back, Step, ¾ Turn L, Hitch, Slide, Bump 3x
1 RF Rock backwards
2 LF Recover weight
3 RF Step forward
4 LF Hitch and turn ¾ left
5 LF Step to left side
6 Hip bump left
7 Hip bump left
8 Hip bump left

Have fun and enjoy it :)...!


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