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Tell It Like It Is

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High Intermediate / Advanced
Malene Jakobsen (DK) - September 2010
Tell It Like It Is - John Wesley Ryles : (Album: Greatest Hits)
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Note: The dance is written similar to Cry Me Out, and again the music sounds as a very fast waltz, but it isn’t. The dance is dedicated to Julia, who has helped me in writing this dance.

Intro: 2 counts, app. 4 sec. into track - dance begins with weight on L

(1-9) Rock, ball, back rock, ½, ¼, ½, ball step with hitch, shuffle back, back with sweep
1-2 (1) Rock forward on R, (2) recover onto L 12.00
a3-4 (a) Step R next to L, (3) rock back on L (4) recover onto R
&a (&) Turn ½ R stepping back on L, (a) turn ¼ R stepping forward on R 9.00
5-6 (5) Step forward on L, (6) turn ½ R 3.00
a7 (a) step L next to R, (7) step forward on R hitching L
8&a (8) Step back on L, (&) step R next to L, (a) step back on L
1 (1) step back on R sweeping L from front to back

(10-17) Back with sweep, back rock, run forward, ¼ point, cross, side, back rock, side rock, cross
2 (2) Step back on L sweeping R from front to back
a3 (a) Rock back on R, (3) recover onto L
4&a (4&a) Run forward R, L, R
5 (5) On ball of R make ¼ turn R pointing L to L side 6.00
6a (6) Cross L over R, (a) step R to R side
7-8 (7) Rock back on L, (8) recover onto R
&a1 (&) Rock L to L side, (a) recover onto R, (1) cross L over R

(18-25) Recover, side, cross rock, side, step, touch, ¾, ball, touch, full turn, mambo
2a (2) Recover onto R, (a) step L to L side,
3-4 (3) Cross R over L, (4) recover onto L
&a (&) Step R to R side, (a) step forward on L
5-6 (5) Touch R behind L, (6) make ¾ turn R putting weight on R 3.00
a7-8 (a) Step slightly forward on L , (7) touch R behind L, (8) make full turn R putting weight on R
&a1 (&) Rock forward on L, (a) recover onto R, (1) step back on L

(26-32) Recover, ball, side rock, cross, side, behind, side, cross, ¼, step, ½, full turn
2 (2) Recover onto R
a3-4 (a) Step L next to R, (3) rock R to R side, (4) recover onto L
&a5 (&) Cross R over L, (a) step L to L side, (5) cross R behind L
a6 (a) Step L to L side, (6) cross R over L
a7 (a) Turn ¼ L stepping forward on L, (7) step forward on R 12.00
8 (8) Turn ½ L – weight on L 6.00
&a (&) Turn ½ L stepping back on R, (a) turn ½ L stepping forward on L 6.00



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