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Doing Our Thing

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Improver / Intermediate
Sandi Larkins (USA) - August 2010
That Thing We Do - Blake Shelton
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Start dance after 32 Count Intro

¼ R w/R Triple, R ½ Pivot , Forward L Triple, L ¼ pivot
1&2 Turn ¼ R, executing a forward R triple (3 O’clock)
3-4 Step forward on L – Pivot ½ turn R
5&6 L triple forward (9 O’clock)
7-8 Step forward on R, pivot ¼ turn to L - (Weight to L) (6 O’Clock)

Cross, Step ¼ R, ½ Triple R, Coaster
1-2 Cross R over L – Step L back turning ¼ turn R (9 O’Clock)
3&4 Turn ½ turn R, executing a R triple (3 O’clock)
5-6 Rock forward on L – Recover weight to R
7&8 Step back on L (7), Step R back together with L (&), Step L forward (8)

Step, Kick, L Lock Back Triple, Step, Slide, Step Slide
1-2 Step R forward – Kick L foot forward
3&4 Step L back (3), Step/Cross R over L (&), Step L back (4)
5-6 Step R foot back on a slight R diagonal – Slide L foot to R and touch
7-8 Step L foot to L side - Slide R to L and touch

Vine R with ¼ R, Step Touch, StepTouch, Step Slide, Step, Slide, Touch
1-2 Step R to R side – Cross L behind R
3-4 Step R ¼ turn R – Touch L next to R (6 O’clock) (Option – Turning Vine)
&5 Slight hop on L(&) - Touch R next to L(5) (Opt – Move forward on L Diag)
&6 Slight hop on R(&) - Touch L next to R(6) (Opt – Move forward on R Diag)
&7-8 Pushing off with R(&), Step L a big step to L(7) – Touch R next to L (8)

Begin The Dance Again …………..

(In the music, there is restart at the very end of the song, which is why I elected not to choreograph it in)
Thanks for trying my dance…

Sandi Larkins:


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