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Daniel Trepat (NL) - February 2010
New Day Dawning - Wynonna
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Intro: 32 counts starts on vocal

2x Walk, ½ Turn Sailor R, Touch, ½ Turn L, Sweep ¼ Turn L, Cross
1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF ½ turn right stepping behind LF
&LF Step slightly to left side
4RF Step forward
5LF Touch back
6LF ½ turn left stepping forward
7RF ¼ turn left sweeping RF forward
8RF Cross over LF

Side, Behind, Shuffle L, Cross, Side, Hip Roll, Close
1LF Step to left side
2RF Step behind LF
3LF Step to left side
&RF Close next to LF
4LF Step to left side
5RF Cross over LF
6LF Step to left side
7Start rolling the hips counter clockwise
8Finish hip roll with the weight on RF
&LF Close next to RF

¼ Turn R, Walk, Shuffle Fwd, Rockstep, Big Step, Drag
1RF ¼ turn right stepping forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Step forward
&LF Close next to RF
4RF Step forward
5LF Rock forward
6RF Recover
7LF Big step back
8RF Drag towards LF

Coaster Shuffle, Step, Sweep ½ Turn L, Hook
1RF Step back
2LF Close next to RF
3RF Step forward
&LF Close next to RF
4RF Step forward
5LF Step forward
6RF Sweep RF forward and start making a ½ turn left
7RF Finish sweep fwd and ½ turn left
8RF Hook

TAG: Every time that you hear the chorus you will do the tag at the END of the dance. On Wall 3, 7 and 9.
Walk, Hold 2x
1RF Step forward
3LF Step forward

TAG RESTART: On the 4th wall 2 count tag and then restart. Dance till count 14.
Rockstep, ¼ Turn L
15RF Rock to right side
16LF ¼ turn left recover

Start over again, Have Fun and Happy Dancing!!!


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