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Wrong Side of The Road

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Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK) - October 2010
I Can't Lie - Maroon 5 : (CD: Hands All Over)
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Start after 20 count intro on verse vocals

(1-9) Walk Fwd 2, R Fwd Rock & Recover, R Back Coaster Cross, L Scissors, Syncopated ½ L Hinge, R Fwd
1-2Step R forward crossing slightly over L, step L forward crossing slightly over R
3&4Rock R forward, recover weight on L, step R back
&5Step L slightly back of R, cross step R over L
6&7Step L side, step R together angling body toward R diagonal (1:30), cross step L over R
8&1Turning ¼ left step R back, turning ¼ left step L side, step R forward (6 o’clock)

(10-16) Kick L Forward, L Together, R Side Touch, R Together, L Side Touch, Heel Bounce & L Ball Cross, ¼ L Syncopated Rock-Recover-L Forward
2&Kick L forward, step L together
3&Touch R side, step R together
4&5Touch L side, keeping weight on R lift both heels up, step both feet down (weight on R)
&6Step L back, cross step R over L
7&8Rock L side, recover weight on R turning ¼ right, step L forward (extended 5th) (9 o’clock)
RESTART # 1: DURING wall 2 dance up to count 16 (you will be facing back wall) and restart

(17-24) Left Forward Spiral Turn, L Fwd Lock Step, R Fwd Mambo, L Back Sweep, L Back, R Back Sweep, R Ball Cross Point
1Stepping R fwd turning ½ left and hook L over R completing another ½ turn (9 o’clock)
2&3Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward
4&Rock R fwd, recover weight on L
5&Step R back, sweep L from front to back
6&Step L back, sweep R from front to back
7&8Step R slightly back, step L in place, point R side
RESTART #2: DURING wall 7 dance up to count 24 (you will be facing front wall) and restart

(25-32) R Sailor, ¼ L Toaster Step, R Fwd, ¾ L Turn, R Side, L Sailor Heel & Ball
1&2Cross step R behind L, step L side, step R side
3&4Turning ¼ left step L back, step R together, step L forward (6 o’clock)
5&6Step R forward, pivot ¾ left, step R side (9 o’clock)
7&8&Cross step L behind R, step R side, touch L heel forward on L left diagonal, step L back

TAG: At the END of wall 3 (you will be facing R side wall) add the following 4 counts bringing the dance back to face FRONT wall
and restart dance from the beginning again
(1-4) Walk R & L, L ¼ Pivot
1-2Walk forward R,L
3-4Step R forward, ¼ pivot L

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