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Rock 'n Roll is King

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Marie Sørensen (TUR) - October 2010
Rock 'N' Roll Is King - Electric Light Orchestra
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Intro: 32 Counts.

Section 1: Vine Right, Touch, Vine ¼ turn left, Scuff
1 – 2Step right to right side, step left behind right
3 – 4Step right to right side, Touch left beside right
5 – 6Step left to left side, step right behind left
7 – 8¼ turn left, Step Fwd. Left, Scuff right Fwd.

Section 2: Step, Scuff, Step, Scuff, Rock, Recover, Step back, Hold
1 – 2Step Fwd. Right, Scuff left Fwd.
3 - 4Step Fwd. left, Scuff Right Fwd.
5 – 6Rock Fwd. Right, recover
7 - 8Step back on Right, Hold

Section 3: Toe Strut Back Left, Right, Coaster Step, Hold
1 - 2Tap left toe back, Drop left heel
3 - 4Tap right toe Back, drop right heel
5 – 6Step back left, step right beside left
7 – 8Step Fwd. left, Hold

Section 4: Stomp, Toe Fan,Stomp, Right, Stomp, Toe Fan, stomp, Left
1 - 2Stomp Fwd, right, Fan right toe to right side
3 - 4Fan right toe to Center, Stomp Right (Weight on right)
5 – 6Stomp Fwd, left, Fan left toe to left side
7 – 8Fan left toe to Center, Stomp left (Weight on left)

This dance is specially choreographed for Joey – From Durban in South Africa, and her Beginner Classes -
Thanks Joey, for the music suggestion!

Tags: There is 2 easy tags
No. 1 – After wall 5 – 4 Counts - Facing 9 O`Clock
No. 2 – After wall 10 - 4 Counts - Facing 6 O`Clock
Out, out, in, in
1 – 2Step right diagonal out to right side, Step left diagonal out to left side
3 – 4Step right to Center, Step Left to the Center

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