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Matt Thomson (USA) & Mishi Ziminski (USA) - October 2010
Walk, walk, anchor step, coaster step, rock, pop
1step forward on R
2step forward on L
3&4step R behind L, step L in place, step back on R
5&6step back on L, step R beside L, step forward on L
7rock forward on R
8recover on L slightly popping R knee

Shuffle, rock, recover, ¼ shuffle, cross, ¼ back
1&2step forward on R, step L beside R, step forward on L
3rock forward on L
4recover on R
5&6step L to L sides make ¼ turn L, step R beside L, step L to L side
7cross R over L
8step back on L making a ¼ turn R

½ , ½ , coaster step, rocking chair
1make ½ turn R while stepping forward on R
2make ½ turn R while stepping back on L
3&4step back on R, step L beside R step forward on R
5step forward on L
6recover on R
7step back on L
8recover on R

Shuffle, ¼ box cross, sway, sway
1&2step forward on L, step R beside L, step forward on L
3cross R over L
4step back on L
5make a ¼ turn R stepping R to R side
6cross L over R
7step R to R
8step L to L



WillB April 11, 2015
Nice dance! Jenny shared this one with her class and we all loved it!

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