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That's Why We Dance

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Urban Danielsson (SWE) - October 2010
Alors on danse - Stromae : (CD: Alors On Danse - Single)
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32 counts intro.

Restart: There is a restart on the 5th wall after count 16.
Please note that the step 16 is replaced by a rock step on this wall.

Note: It may be hard to count the first walls but it will get easier.

Section 1: Step Left (ending chasse step), cross rock, chasse right ¼, pivot ¼ right, behind, side, cross
1 – 3Step left to left side (this is the last step on a chasse left at the end of the dance), Cross rock right in front of left foot, recover weight onto left foot
4 & 5Step right to right side, left together next to right, turning ¼ right step right forward
6 – 7Step left foot forward, turn ¼ right and step right to right side
8 & 1Step left foot behind right foot, step right to right side, step left across of right foot

Section 2: ½ rumba box forward, pivot ½ turn, lock step forward, ½ rumba box backwards
2 & 3Step right to right side, step left foot together next to right, step right foot forward
4 – 5Step left forward, pivot ½ turn right (weight on right)
6 & 7Step left forward, lock right foot behind left, step left forward
8 & 1Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right foot back
On wall 5 replace 8 & 1 with the following:
8Rock right to right side – Restart the dance from the beginning

Section 3: Sway x 2, sway x 3, shuffle ½ turn left, rock step ¼ left
2 – 3Step back on left foot and sway, sway forward on right
4 & 5Sway back on left, sway forward on right, sway back on left
6 & 7Turning ¼ left step right to right side, step left next to right, turning ¼ left step back on right
8 – 1Turning ¼ left rock on left foot to left side, recover weight onto right

Section 4: Touch toe behind, unwind ¾, lock step forward, cross rock, chasse left
2 – 3Touch left toe behind right foot, unwind ¾ turn left (weight onto left)
4 & 5Step right forward, lock left foot behind right, step right forward
6 – 7Cross rock left in front of right foot, recover weight onto right foot
8 & 1Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side (this is the first step in the dance)


Urban Danielsson, Munkholmsv.17 193 40 Sigtuna, Sweden,


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