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A Candle in The Dark

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Intermediate / Advanced
Pat Stott (UK) - November 2010
When You Tell Me That You Love Me - Julio Iglesias & Dolly Parton : (CD: Crazy)
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(Dedicated to my lovely friend Robert Lindsay)

Commence after 36 seconds when Dolly Parton starts singing on the word “hold”

Side, hold, ball, cross, side, cross rock, recover,side, cross rock, recover, ¼ turn left
1 - 2Large step to right, hold and slightly draw left toe towards right (feet apart)
& 3Cross left behind right on ball of foot, (pushing off left foot) step right across left
4Step left to left
5 – 6&Cross right over left, recover onto left, small step to right
7- 8Cross left over right, recover onto right
&Turn ¼ left and step onto left

½ pivot, full turn, step, forward, recover, switch, step forward, ½ turn left
1 – 2Step forward on right, ½ pivot left transferring weight to left
&Turn ½ to left stepping slightly back on ball of right foot
3 – 4Turn ½ left stepping forward on left, step forward on right
5 – 6Rock forward on left, recover onto right
&Close left to right
7- 8Step forward on right, slowly turn ½ left keeping weight on right

Skate, skate, shuffle to left diagonal, cross, recover, side, cross, full turn with sweep
1- 2Skate left to left diagonal, skate right to right diagonal
3&4Shuffle forward to left diagonal – left, right, left
5-6Cross right over left, recover onto left
&Squaring up again taking a small step to right
7-8&Cross left over right, unwind full turn right sweeping right round from front to back (weight still on left)

Behind, side, cross, side, cross, recover, side, cross, full turn, side cross, full turn
1&2Right behind left, left to left, cross right over left
&3Small step left to left, cross right over left
4Recover onto left
&5,6Small step to right, cross left over right, Full turn right keeping weight on left
&7,8Small step to right, cross left over right, Full turn right keeping weight on left
( you can take one or both turns out with just holds on beat 6 and 8)

End of wall 2 (facing 6 0’clock)
1 – 8&Dance section 1
9-10Dance 1-2 of section 2
Then restart from the beginning (facing 9 0’clock) – now starting 4th sequence

Tag End of 5th wall facing 3 0’clock
1-4Sway right, left, right, left then - Restart from the beginning

End of music
Slow last few steps of the dance to fit the music, turn to face the front and sway and pose to the end of the music.

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