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Can't Handle Me!

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Guyton Mundy (USA) & Carey Parson - November 2010
Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida
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With special thanks to Pim Van Grootle.

Dance pattern: AABAABAABAA

A Pattern
[1-8] Hitch 1/4 turn with arm roll, arm rolls, arm cross with drag
1-2Hitch right leg up, make 1/4 turn right stepping down on right...Arms: as you hitch raise left hand starting with fingers rolling hand up and out in front, as you step down roll left hand back down as you roll right hand up; left hand will end at waist level in front of body, right hand will end extended out in front
3&4Roll right hand down as you roll left hand up, roll right hand up as you roll left hand down, roll right hand down as you roll left hand up
5-6Dropping left hand bring right hand to left shoulder palm down fingers extended out, make 1/4 turn left as you bring right hand across the chest at shoulder height
7-8Drop right hand down by right side as you drag right foot in

[9-16] step with arm waves, sweep backs, out out
1-2-3-4Slightly raising right knee slide ball of right foot forward and end pressing down on count 4...Arms: As you slide your right foot forward extend arms out to either side and slightly roll arms from elbows to wrists to fingers in an outward motion, bring back to neutral, roll out again, bring back to neutral, roll out again, bring back to neutral, roll out again (note: your arm roll out should be on each count)
5-6Press off of right foot sweeping right back to the right side as you step back on left, step back on right as you sweep back with left
7&8Step back on left as you sweep right back, step back on right, step left to left side

[17-24] arms rolls, tuts, waves with head isolation
1&2Bringing arms inward and upward let right arm cross over towards left side as left arm crosses over and up to right side with left arm closest to body rolling fingers back out right to right left to left and uncrossing arms, cross right over left as you extend arms up with slightly bent elbows as you rotate right hand counterclockwise and left hand clockwise until palms come together
3-4Rotate fingers down bringing them in toward your body rotating hands around keeping palms together until fingers point to chest, rotate right hand in and up in a counterclockwise motion and rotate left hand in a clockwise motion untwisting arms bringing palms together ending in praying position with wrists bent at 90 degree angle and elbows out to either side
5-6As you drop right elbow flatten left hand keeping right wrist bent at a 90 degree angle, take right elbow out to right side straightening wrist with finger tips touching as you slightly bend right knee pressing on right foot with chin ending where fingertips meet
7&8Start an arm wave from right elbow through right wrist to right fingers extending to left fingers,left wrist and left elbow (Note: when roll reaches fingertips, let chin follow the rest of the roll across left arm towards left elbow)

[25-32] heel walks in, step , tut with hand roll with half turn
1&2While dropping arms walk right foot in toe-heel-toe
&3-4Walk right foot in heel-toe, step forward on right foot extending hands out in front palms together
5-6Pull fingertips in (which opens hands slightly), roll fingertips in toward base of hands as you roll back of fingers together going toward your left armpit
7-8Start 1/2 turn pivot left as you push arms by left side rotating left hand over your right keeping both index fingers connected pushing hands out in front and bringing palms back together

B Pattern
[1-8] Side, sailor, ball step, step, sweep, sailor
1-2&Step right to right side, step back on left, step together with right
3&4Step forward on left, step back on right, step together with left
5-6Step forward on right, step back on left as you sweep right out to right side
7&8Step back on right, step together with left, step forward on right

[9-16] back, sailor, step, arm tut with 1/4 turn
1-2Step back diagonally on left, step together with right
&3-4Step together with left, step together on ball of right, step forward on left
5&6With fists bring knuckles together in front with elbows out, as you rock back on right turn upper body 1/4 turn right, slightly bring up left heel as you pop left knee up as you slightly lean body to right tipping left elbow up and right elbow down
&7Drop left heel straightening left leg and return elbows to horizontal position, make 1/8 turn left with upper body
&8Make 1/8 turn left with upper body, make 1/4 turn left on left heel and ball of right foot ending with legs crossed

[17-24] arm tut with 1/2 turn, cross
1&Step forward on right as you open fists and extend arms in front bringing palms together, rotate hands clockwise 1/4 turn keeping palms together (left palm down, right palm up)
2&Keeping fingertips and wrists together open middle of hands, close hands
3&4Take hands slightly apart, bring hands together, bring wrists to chest rotating hands 1/4 turn counterclockwise
5-6Take right hand behind right side of head bringing it around to left side of head while bringing left hand up to right side of face ending with backs of left fingers on right cheek, look over left shoulder bringing left hand away from face
7-8Pivot 1/2 turn left on balls of both feet, cross right over left

[25-32] ball step, sweep, hook behind, foot slide, step, 1/4 1/4 knee turn, step
&1Step back on left, step together with right
2-3Take big step forward on left as you sweep right foot around, step forward on right as you hook left behind right
4-5Press down on ball of left foot as you slide right foot back, step forward on right foot
6-7-8With left foot planted pop right knee in 1/4 turn, pop right knee in 1/4 turn (body should be facing 12 o'clock), bring left heel into right as you step across with right ending forward on right (facing 9 o'clock)

[33-40] foot slide, step, 3/4 hop turn, side behind cross, hands out, out to side,
1-2Transferring weight back to ball of left foot slide right foot back, step forward on right
3&4Make 3/4 turn over left shoulder hopping on right foot x2 and ending on left foot on count 4
5&6Step right to right, cross left behind right, step right to right
7-8Take right arm out to right side palm up fingers open as if holding a basketball, take left hand to right side as if grabbing top of basketball

[41-48] pull, push, pull with 1/4, 1/2, 1/4 triple, walk walk
1-2Rock slightly on to left foot pulling hands slightly into chest, rock on right extending arms back out
3-4Make 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left and dropping arms, make 1/2 turn over left shoulder stepping back on right
5&6Make 1/4 turn left stepping left to left, bring right to left, step left to left
7-8Walk forward right-left

[49-56] kick, hook, kick, back scuff, step, arm up, look, back to neutral, kick & kick, together, knee pops, body roll up
1&2Kick right foot forward, hook right across left, kick right foot forward
&3&4Scuff right foot back, step forward on right bringing right arm up to right brow palm down (salute), look toward right, return head to neutral
5&6&Kick left foot forward, step together with left, kick right foot forward, step together with right
7&8Pop knees out as you slightly lower body, bring knees in, body roll up

[56-64] kick X2, step, 1/2 turn, kick X2, big step, drag in
1&2&Kick right foot forward, step together with right, kick left foot forward, step together with left
3-4Step forward on right, make 1/2 turn pivot over left shoulder keeping weight back on right
5&6&Kick left foot forward, step together with left, kick right foot forward, step together with right
7-8Take big step forward on left, drag right foot in keeping weight on left

Have fun with this one!!!!!!

Video coming soon for styling!!!!


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