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Forever Dwight

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Wylie Stronach - August 2010
Fast As You - Dwight Yoakam
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Alternate Music: When The Sun Goes Down by Kenny Chesney - slow

Out Out Clap, Out Out Clap, Shuffle, Rock Recover
1-2Jump fwd, right then left - clap
3-4Jump back, right then left - clap
5&6Shuffle back 45 deg left - L, R, L
7&8Rock back on R - Rock fwd on left

Hip Hip Together, Clap, Hip Hip Together, Clap
1-4Step fwd on R - 45 deg with two hip rolls, Bring L next to R
5-8Step back on R - 45 deg with two hip rolls, Bring L next to R

Travelling Dwights To Count Of Eight Ie Toe Hold, Heel Hold, Toe Heel, Toe Heel
1-4R toe pointing in - hold, R heel pointing out - Hold
5-8R toe pointing in, R, heel pointing out, R toe pointing in - R heel pointing out

Four Backwards Sailors Ie, R Sailor, L Sailor, R Sailor, L Sailor
1&2Step R behind L, Step L to side, Step R in place
3&4Step L behind R, Step R to side, Step L in place
5&6,7&8Repeat steps 1 to 4

Kick Touch, Kick Touch, Step Turn, Stomp Clap
1-2Kick R to right side, touch R next to L
3-4Kick R fwd, touch R next to L
5-8Step fwd on R, pivot ¼ left then Stomp R next to L then clap

Shuffle, Step Turn, Point And Point, ½ Turn, Heel And Toe
1&2Shuffle fwd on R - R.L.R.
3-4Step fwd on L and ½ turn pivot Right
5&6&Point L toe to L side - Jump on L leg and Point R toe to R
7&8Jump on R leg, ½ turn to L with weight on R and Left heel fwd, step on L - Right Toe back.

Repeat dance


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