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Intermediate / Advanced
Bracken Heidenreich (USA) & Ruben Luna (USA) - December 2010
Dynamite - Taio Cruz : (Album: Rokstarr, Bonus Track Version)
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16 count intro (Start on “dance”)

Skate, Skate, Side Together Side, Cross Rock Side, Chug 1/8, Chug 1/8
1Keeping knees slightly bent bring Right foot beside left foot while pivoting right on left foot to face 1:00 and step Right forward (Right skate)
2Keeping knees slightly bent bring Left foot beside right foot while pivoting left on right foot to face 11:00 and step Left forward (Left skate)
3&4Step Right to right side, & Step Left next to right, Step Right to right side
5&6Cross Rock Left over right, & Recover in place on Right, Step Left to left side
7-8Keeping feet shoulder width apart chug Right foot/heel two times to make 1/4 turn left (9:00)

Cross, Back, Glide Turn Side, Touch Out Out, Push, Push
1-2Step Right across in front of left, Step Left back (push hips back for styling)
3&4Opening body to 10:30 diagonal step Right large step toward 1:30 diagonal, & (Sliding Left foot on floor) Touch left toe next to right foot (start turning toward 12:00 with this touch), Turn to face 12:00 to step Left to left side (12:00)
5&6Turning hips toward 10:30 diagonal Touch Right next to left, & Squaring up to 12:00 step Right to right side, Step Left to left side
&7&8 &Shrug both shoulders up as you turn torso toward 10:30, Push shoulders down with Right arm straight down in front of body and Left arm straight down behind body, & Shrug both shoulders up as you turn torso toward 1:30, Push shoulders down with Left arm straight down in front of body and Right arm straight down behind body

In, Quarter, Bend, Up, Pop, Pop, Walk, Walk
1-2Bring Left leg next to right (Left knee popped forward, Right leg straight), 1/4 turn left keeping Left next to right (9:00)
3-4Bend Right down (you are in a sitting position), Straighten Right (left knee still popped forward)
5-6Straighten Left leg while popping Right knee forward, Straighten Right leg while popping Left knee forward (weight on right)
7-8Step forward Left, Step forward Right

Step Pivot, Step Pivot, Touch & Touch, Pop Walk, Pop Walk
1-2Step Left forward, Pivot 1/2 turn right (3:00)
3-4Step Left forward, Pivot 1/2 turn right (9:00)
5&6Touch Left to left side, & Step Left next to right, Touch Right to right side
7Step forward on Right (as you do so, close left to right popping left knee forward)
8Step forward on Left (as you do so, close right to left popping right knee forward)

Start Over

Bracken Ellis Potter, California, USA,,
Ruben Luna, California, USA,


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