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Jeanette Karlsson (SWE) - December 2010
Y.M.C.A. - Village People
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24 counts intro.

Section 1: Skates, R shuffle forward, L rock step forward, L coaster step.
1-2Skate forward right. Skate forward left.
3&4Step right forward. Close left beside right. Step right forward.
5-6Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
7&8Step left back. Step right beside left. Step left forward.

Section 2: Hip Bumps Forward x 2, Jazz box 1/4 turn right.
1&2Bump hips forward on right. Bump hips back onto left. Bump hips forward on right.
3&4Bump hips forward on left. Bump hips back onto right. Bump hips forward on left.
5-8Cross right over left. Step back left. Step right 1/4 Turn right. Step left beside right.

Section 3: R Kick ball cross, Sway R/L, R Rolling vine.
1&2Kick right forward, step onto ball of right, cross left over right.
3-4Step Right to Right side swaying hips Right. Sway hips Left.
5-8Step Right 1/4 Turn Right. On Ball Of Right Make 1/2 Turn Right, Stepping Back On Left. On Ball Of Left Make 1/4 Turn Right, Stepping Right To Right Side. Touch left beside right.

Section 4: L rock step forward, L lock step backwards, R rock step back, R kick ball step.
1-2Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
3&4Step left back, lock right in front of left, step left back.
5-6Rock back on right. Recover onto left.
7&8Kick right forward, step onto ball of right. Step forward on left.

Tag: After walls 2,6 & 10. Step turn x 2, Hip bumps R-L-R-L.
1-2Step R forward, step turn ½ L
3-4Step R forward, step turn ½ L
5-8Bump hips R-L-R-L


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