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Cha Cha When

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Intermediate Cha Cha
Scott Blevins (USA) - January 2011
Quando Quando Quando - Fergie : (CD: "Nine" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Or Single)
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Start on word “mine”as beat kicks in as count 1.

Note: This song maintains 32 count phrasing throughout with 2 exceptions.
The first time is at the end of wall 3; there are 4 extra counts added at the end of the normal 32 counts.
The second time is at the end of wall 6; there are 8 extra counts added at the end of the normal 32 counts.
During these extra counts, do what feels good to you and be ready to start the new wall when the beat returns on count one.

[1 – 8]
1-2-3Counts 1-6 are on the diagonal: (1) Step forward L [1:00 diagonal]; 2) Step forward R; 3) Pivot turn ½ left recovering weight on L [7:00 diagonal]
4&5(4) “Prep” step forward R; &) Turn ½ right stepping back L [1:00 diagonal]; 5) Turn ¼ right stepping side R [5:00 diagonal]
6-7(6) Step L across R, torquing (twisting) upper body to left [feet 5:00, upper body 2:00]; 7) Step forward R [square up to 6:00]
8&(8) Rock forward L; &) Recover weight back on R

[9 -16]
1-2-3(1) Turn ¼ left stepping side L [3:00]; 2) Step R across L; 3) Turn ¼ right stepping back L [6:00]
4&5Coaster: (4) Step back R; &) Step together L; 5) Step forward R
6-7(6) Step forward L; 7) Turn just over ¾ right on ball of L leaving R toe on floor to “spiral” across L shin [5:00 diagonal]
8&Triple step forward: (8) Step forward R [5:00 diagonal]; &) Step together L

1-2-3(1) Step forward R; 2) Rock forward L; 3) Recover weight back on R
4&5(4) Step back L; &) Step side R [square up to 6:00]; 5) Step L across R
6-7(6) Unwind 1½ turns to right (clockwise) on the spot on ball of L [end facing 12:00]
***NOTE – Easier option for count 6) Make a ½ turn over R shoulder on L foot.*** 7) Step forward R.
8&Triple step forward: 8) Step forward L; &) Step together R

1-2-3(1) Step forward L; 2) Step forward R; 3) Pivot turn ¼ left recovering weight to L [9:00]
4&5(4) Step R across L; &) Turn 1/4 right stepping back L [12:00]; 5) Turn ¼ right stepping side R into open stance to hit or accent the music break with R hip [3:00]
6-7(6) Shift weight to L hip; 7) Shift weight to R hip
8&(8) Step L behind R; &) Step side R

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Step sheet prepared by Debi Pancoast.


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