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Cha Cha Romo

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Intermediate Cha Cha
Gordon Timms (UK) & Alison Johnstone (AUS) - January 2011
Todo, Todo, Todo - Daniela Romo : (Album: La Historica)
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Start the dance on the vocals after 32 counts

SECTION 1: Step Half Turn Right, Half Right Turning Shuffle, Rock and Recover, Kick Ball Point
1 - 2Step forward on Left, pivot half turn Right
3 & 4Turning half turn Right again –Left shuffle slightly backwards
5 - 6Rock back on the Right foot, recover on Left.
7 & 8Low kick forward with Right foot (toe points down), replace weight on Right, point Left to Left side
Faces 12.00

SECTION 2: Cross Left in Front of Right, Step Right to Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock and Recover Turning a Quarter over Left, Shuffle Right
1 - 2Cross Left in front of Right, Step Right to side
3 & 4Crossing Left Shuffle stepping Left over Right, Right to Right side, Left over Right.
5 - 6Rock Right to Side, Left Recover on Left Quarter turning over left
7 & 8Small Shuffle Forward Right, Left Right
Faces 9.00

SECTION 3: Point Touches, Kick Ball Point, Knee Pops, Quarter Turn Right, Coaster Step
1 - 2Touch point left in front of right, touch point left to left side
3 & 4Low kick forward with left foot, (toe points down) replace weight on left, point right to right side
5 – 6Pop right knee in towards left for (5), Pop knee out & on balls of both feet swivel ¼ turn right for (6)
7 & 8Follow through with a right coaster step, Right, Left, Right
Faces 12.00

SECTION 4: Paddle Turn Quarter over Right, Paddle Turn Quarter Over Right, Cross Left over Right, Hold, Ball Step, Step Right Forward
1 - 2Touch Left Toe forward, Quarter turn over Right
3 - 4Touch Left Toe forward, Quarter turn over Right
5 - 6Cross Left in front of Right, Hold
& 7, 8Small Step Right to Side angling body to 4.30 (&), Step Left beside Right, Step Right forward straightening to 6.00 wall
Faces 6.00
(*TAG 1 HERE, END 1ST WALL and 7th WALL*)
(** TAG 2 HERE, END 5th WALL **)

TAG 1: *At the end of the 1st and 7th wall…facing 6.00 Step Left to Side Swaying Hips, Recover Right Swaying Hips, Sway Left, Sway Right.*
TAG 2: ** At end if 5th wall…facing 6.00 Dance 1st Tag as above then add a hip roll anti clockwise for 4 counts**

End: The dance will finish facing Front at the end of the dance 12.00.

Alison Johnstone (Australia): Mobile +61 404 445 076 E-Mail:

Gordon Timms (UK): - Home: +44 1793 490697 - Mobile: +44 7787 383059


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