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Unconditionally Yours

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High Intermediate
Vikki Morris (UK) - January 2011
When a Woman Loves a Man - Westlife : (Album: Turnaround)
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Start – 32 counts in on the word Child

L Side nightclub 2step basic, ½ turn L Ronde, rock back L recover R, Step fwd L, Run R L, R rock recover L, back R Sweeping L ¼ Turn L
1,2&Large Step L, Rock back R, Recover L
3,4&Turn ½ turn L Stepping back R sweeping L toe out and around behind R, back rock L slightly behind R, Recover R (6 o clock)
5Step Fwd L
6&7&Run Fwd R L, Rock fwd R, Recover L
8&Step Back R, Sweep L ¼ turn L (3 o clock)

L Sailor to L Diagonal, R syncopated Rocking Chair, Jazz Box Cross, ¾ Turn Left, Ball Step to R, Step L to R
1&2Cross L behind R, Rock R**, Recover L (1 o clock)
**TAG & RESTART* *Wall 5
3&4&Rock fwd R, Recover L, Rock back R, Recover L
5&6&Cross R over L, Step back L, Step R to R Side (straighten up to side wall), Cross L Over R (3 o clock)
7&Turn ¼ turn L stepping back R, Turn ½ turn L stepping fwd L,
8&Step on the Ball of R to R, Step L to R (6 o clock)

R Side nightclub 2step basic, Sway x2, L behind R Side L Cross R sweep, Weave L sweep
1,2&Large Step R, Rock back L, Recover R
3,4Sway L, Sway R
5&6cross L behind R, Step R to R, Cross L over R Sweeping R out and around in front of L
7&8&1Cross R over L, Step L to L side, Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross R over L sweeping L out and around in front of R

Cross back ¼ L, Cross ½ Turn R, L Rock recover, Full turn L
2&3Cross L over R, Step back R, Turn ¼ turn L as you step large step to L dragging R to L (3 o clock)
4&5Cross R over L, Step back L turning ¼ turn R, Turn ¼ turn R stepping large step R to R side (9 o clock)
6,7Cross rock L over R , recover R
8&Turn ¼ turn L with L, Turn ½ turn L stepping back R,

1Turn ¼ turn L with L (This is count 1 of the dance) (9 o clock)

On wall 5 replace the diagonal L sailor step in Section 2 with a sailor sway facing 3 o clock wall and add a sway to right side on the & count then start the dance again .
1&2Cross L behind R, Rock R, Sway L
&Sway R

Start again with a SMILE!!

When the music slows down you will have just completed the sailor step in section two, cross right over left and unwind full turn to face the front and pose.

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