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Mr Saxo Beat

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Easy Intermediate
Ria Vos (NL) - February 2011
Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edit) - Alexandra Stan
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Intro: 52 counts (26 sec.) on Vocals

Step Fwd, Lock, Step Fwd, Step Fwd, Scuff, Out-Out, Hold, In-In, Hitch-Ball-Cross
1Step Fwd on R Slightly to Right Diagonal
2&Lock L Behind R, Small Step Fwd on R Slightly to Right Diagonal
3Step Fwd on L
4&5Scuff R Next to L, Step R Out to Right Side, Step L Out to Left Side (shoulder width)
Option &5: When she sings “bring me up”: raise up on toes, arms up, elbows bend
&7Step R Back to Centre, Step L Next to R (bending knees slightly) (“bring me down”)
8&1Come Up on L Hitching R, Step on Ball of R Next to L, Cross L Over R

Side Rock, Behind-Side-Cross, Hold, & Cross & Heel & Touch (Turning ¼ R)
2-3Rock R to Right Side, Recover on L
4&5Step R Behind L, Step L to Left Side, Cross R Over L
&7Step L to Left Side, Cross R Over L
&8¼ Turn Right Step Back on L, Touch R Heel Fwd (3:00)
&1Step R Next to L, Touch L Next to R

Hold, & Touch & Touch & Heel, Hold, Ball Cross, Hold
&3Small Step L Fwd to Left Diagonal, Touch R Next to L
&4Small R Step Fwd to Right Diagonal, Touch L Next to R
&5Small Step Back on L(***Restart Point), Touch R Heel To Right Diagonal
&7Step on Ball of R Next to L, Cross L Over R (bending knees slightly)

& Cross, Point, Monterey ¼ Turn R, Point & Point, Cross, Unwind ¾ Turn L
&1Step R to Right Side, Cross L Over R
2-3Point R to Right Side, ¼ Turn Right Stepping R Next to L (6:00)
4&5Point L to Left Side, Step L Next to R, Point R to Right Side
6Cross R Over L
7-8Unwind ¾ Turn Left Bouncing Heels (Weight Ends on L) (9:00)

Tag: 4 Count Tag After wall 2 (6:00) and 5 (9:00)
R Jazz-box
1-4Cross R over L, Step Back on L, Step R to Right Side, Step Fwd on L

Restart: One restart on wall 9 after count 20& (& Touch & Touch &...start again) (3:00)


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