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Big White Church

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Donna Urbanski - January 2011
Little White Church - Little Big Town
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2 walls (they change) with restarts.
****Be sure to read the notes Sec. 3 and at the bottom of page****

Sec. 1 – R heel 2x, R Triple Step diagonal, L heel 2x, L Triple Step diagonal
1, 2, 3&4R heel 2x to forward diagonal, R triple step (R L R) forward diagonal
5, 6, 7&8L heel 2x to forward diagonal, L triple step (L R L) forward diagonal

Sec. 2 – R Forward Rock, Recover L, ½ turn R, ¼ turn R cross - hold, Weave with Heel Jack
1, 2, 3&4R Forward rock, recover to L, ½ turn R stepping on R, ¼ turn R stepping on L, cross R over L
&6, &7, &8L side, R behind, L side, cross R over L, step L slightly back, present R heel

Sec. 3 - L heel Jack, R Heel Jack, Ball, Walk, Walk, Step, Pivot, Prep
&1& 2Bring R next to but slightly behind L, Cross L over R, Step R back, Present L heel
&3&4Bring L next to but slightly behind R, Cross R over L, Step L back, Present R heel
**Heel jacks travel backwards**
&5, 6, 7&8Bring R in to L, Walk L, Walk R, Step forward on L, Step on R while squaring to wall (3/8 turn) L, Step Forward on L

Sec. 4 - R Sailor, ½ turn L Sailor w/ Cross, Heel, Hook, Step, Step, Turn, Cross
1&2Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Recover weight to R
3&4Cross L behind R while making ½ turn L, Step R to R side, Cross L over taking weight ( let body angle to corner of R shoulder)
5&6Present R heel to forward diagonal, hook R heel by L shin, Step on R going towards R forward diagonal.
7&8Step L forward to diagonal begin making turn R to square up to front or back wall, Step R to R side, Cross L over R taking weight

End Of Dance!

****Restart after 1st 8 counts every time you are on the back wall (6:00)
******The 4th time you start at the 12:00 wall, you will only do 1st 16 counts ending weave in a R touch next to L – NO HEEL JACK. -
Restart dance on the 9:00 wall as your front wall and 3:00 as the back wall. NO MORE RESTARTS!

On the 3rd time through after changing walls, you will want to make ½ L at end of weave to finish facing front.


Open Your Heart & Dance !!! Donna Urbanski


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