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The Devil's Back In Town

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Arne Stakkestad (BEL) - April 2011
The Devil's Back in Town - Peter Myles
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Alt. Music: “A Bit Too Drunk” by Peter Myles

Info: start after 32 counts (Beat), on lyrics

Mambo step FW, Hold, Side Mambo step, Hold
1-2RF rock forward, recover on LF
3-4RF step beside LF, hold
5-6LF rock left side, recover on RF
7-8LF step beside RF, hold

Swivels, Toe Strut FW, 1/2R Step BW, Hold
1-2swivel R Toe right & L Heel left, return to centre
3-4swivel L Toe left & R Heel right, return to centre (weight LF)
5-6RF touch forward, heel down
7-8½ right LF step back, hold

Jumping Rock step BW, Side Rock step, Sailor step, Hold
1-2RF jump backwards, recover on LF
3-4RF rock right side, recover on LF
5-6RF cross behind LF, LF step left side
7-8RF step right side, hold

Sailor step ¼ L, Hold, Pivot, Full turn
1-2LF cross behind RF, ¼ left step RF beside LF
3-4LF step forward, hold
5-6RF step forward, ½ left weight on LF
7-8½ left RF step backwards, ½ left LF step forward
Easy option: step forward RF, LF on 7-8

Note: when danced on “A Bit Too Drunk”, after the 10th wall (6h),
there is a break in the music, do something funny and start again at the beat.


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