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Same Old Something

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Kate Sala (UK) - April 2011
Every Now and Then - Alan Jackson : (CD: Freight Train)
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Start after a 16 Count intro. On vocals.

Basic Night Club Step Right, Basic Night Club Step Left, Step Forward, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn Right, Step, Run forward On Right, Left.
1,2 &Take long step right, Cross rock on Lt Behind Rt. Recover on Rt.
3,4 &Take a long step Lt, Cross rock on Rt behind Lt. Recover on Lt.
5Step forward on Rt.
6 & 7Step forward on Lt. Pivot 1/2 turn Rt. Step forward on Lt. (6 o’clock)
8 &Short run forward on Rt, Lt.

Cross Rock On Right, Recover, & Cross Rock On Left, Recover, & Step Forward On Right, Left, Pivot 1/4 Turn Right, Weave Right.
1,2 &Cross rock on Rt over Lt. Recover on Lt. Small step Rt to Rt side.
3,4 &Cross rock on Lt over Rt Recover on Rt. Small step Lt to Lt side.
5,6,7Step forward on Rt. Step forward on Lt. Pivot 1/4 turn Rt. (9 o’clock)
8 & 1Cross step Lt over Rt. Step Rt to Rt side. Cross step Lt behind Rt. (Add 1 count tag here on wall 6)

Right Side Rock & Cross, Turn 1/2 Right On Left, Right, Cross, Sway Right, Left, Cross 1/2 Turn Right.
2 & 3Side rock to Rt side on Rt. Recover on Lt. Cross step Rt over Lt.
4 & 5Turn 1/4 Rt stepping back on Lt. Turn 1/4 Rt stepping Rt to Rt side. Cross step Lt over Rt.
6, 7Step Rt to Rt side swaying hips Rt. Sway hips Lt. (3 o’clock)
8 & 1Cross step Rt over Lt. Turn 1/4 Rt stepping back on Lt. Turn 1/4 Rt stepping Rt to Rt side. (9 o’clock)

Cross Rock, Recover, Step Left, Cross Step Right Over Left, Unwind 1/2 Turn Left, Prissy Walks Forward x 2, Rock Forward, Recover, (Long Step Right To Start Again).
2 & 3Cross rock on Lt over Rt. Recover on Rt. Step Lt to Lt side.
4, 5Cross step Rt over Lt. Unwind 1/2 turn Lt transferring weight to Lt.
6, 7Walk forward and slightly across on Rt. Walk forward and slightly across on Lt.
8 &Rock forward and slightly across on Rt. Recover on Lt. (Big step Rt to start again on count 1)

Tag: During wall 6 -
During wall 6 dance Section 1 and all of section 2 including `Cross stepping Lt behind Rt for count 1’ . At this point facing 12 o’clock, there is a 1 count tag: Unwind full turn Lt or easier option, hold for 1 count. (Weight remaining on Lt.)
Then start the dance from the Beginning of the dance with basic night club step Rt.

As the music fades towards the end just keep dancing through and finish facing 12 o’clock at the end of section 2 with a pose.


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