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Dance Suzy Dance

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Easy Intermediate
Pim van Grootel (NL) & Daniel Trepat (NL) - April 2011
Suzy (Radio Edit) - Caravan Palace
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Starts after: 48 counts

Walk R, L, Kick Ball Step R, Step fwd., ¼ Turn L, ¼ Turn R, Step fwd.
1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Kick forward
&RF Step next to LF
4LF Step forward
5RF Step forward
6LF ¼ Turn left stepping to left side (9.00)
7RF ¼ Turn right stepping forward (12.00)
8LF Step forward

½ Turn R, Charleston Step L,R, Syncopated Steps fwd.
1RF ½ Turn right stepping forward (6.00)
2LF Touch forward
&LF Sweep backwards
3LF Step backwards
&RF Sweep backwards
4RF Touch backwards
5RF Step forward
&LF Lock behind RF
6RF Step forward
&LF Step forward
7RF Lock behind LF
&LF Step forward
8RF Step next to LF

Heel Swivel Out, In 2x, Toe Swivel Out, In, Side, Behind, Shuffle R
1Both heels out
2Both heels in
3Both heels out
&Both heels in
4Both toe’s Out
&Both toe’s in
5RF Step to right side
6LF Cross behind RF
7RF Step to right side
&LF Step next to RF
8RF Step to right side

Cross Rock R, Shuffle ¼ Turn L, Touch – Hook – Touch - ¼ Turn L – Flick 2x
1LF Cross over RF
2RF Recover weight
3LF Step to right side
&RF Step next to LF
4LF ¼ Turn left stepping forward (3.00)
5RF Touch forward
&RF Hook in front of LF
6RF Touch forward
&RF Flick LF Making a ¼ Turn left (12.00)
7RF Touch forward
&RF Hook in front of LF
8RF Flick LF Making a ¼ Turn left (9.00)

Tags: After wall 2 and 7, do the following steps:
Swivel R, Hold, Swivel L, Hold, Swivel R,L, Bounce 3x
1Swivel both heels right
3Swivel both heels left
5Swivel both heels right
6Swivel both heels left
7&8Bounce, Bounce, Bounce / making a circle with the hips from left to right while doing the bounces
(while you are doing the swivels, you can make some nice poses ?..)
Start Again, Enjoy…!


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