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Rolling In The Deep Beginner

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Charlotte Neckelmann (DK) - May 2011
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
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Intro: 8 Counts. It's a quick start. be ready!

Toe Struts Forward Diagonally with hip boom X 4
1 - 2Step Diagonally step right toe forward White hip boom(10.30 (1) drop right heel (2)
3 - 4step Diagonally step left toe forward White hip boom(1.30)(3) drop left heel moving(4)
5 - 8Repeat 1-4 [12:00]
For style move your shoulder : round up down right shoulder from front and left shoulder from bag clock wise on 2 count do it 4 times .

Monterey Turn x 2
1 - 2Point with right toe(1)ΒΌ turn right step right beside left(2) [3:00]
3 - 4point left (3)Step left beside right (4) [3:00]
5 - 8Repeat 1-4 [6:00]

Point R slightly step cross R. Step point L slightly cross
1 - 2Point right (1)slightly cross step forward right(2) [Style Point hands to left ]
3 - 4Point left (3)slightly cross step forward left(4)[Style Point hands to right ]
5 - 6Point right (5)slightly cross step back right(6)[Style Point hands to left ]
7 - 8Point left (7)slightly cross step back left(8) [6:00][Style Point hands to right ]

Vine R, Touch, Vine L, Touch.
1 - 2Step right to right side (1) Cross left behind right(2) [Style cross left behind right bend your knees]
3 - 4Step right to right side (3) touch left(4)
5 - 6Step left to left side (5 )cross right behind left (6) [Style cross right behind left. bend your knees]
7 - 8Step left to left side 7) Touch right(8) [6:00]

Start Again.

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