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Everyday I'm Shufflin'

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Katie Terrett (WLS) - June 2011
Intro- 64 counts. Start on vocals "Let's go"

SECTION 1: Toe & Heel Touches/ Switches forward.
1&2Touch R Toe forward, Replace R (&) Touch L Toe forward.
&3-4Replace L (&) Touch R Heel forward (twice) Heel R.
&5&6Replace R (&) Touch L Toe fwd & Touch R Toe fwd.
&7-8Replace R (&) Touch L Heel forward, L Heel (twice)

SECTION 2: Coaster, Shuffle, Hitch- point paddle 1/4 Turns (x2) Cross & Heel (vaudeville)
1&2L Coaster Step.
3&4R Shuffle forward.
&5&6Hitch L Turning 1/4 R point L (repeat x2) Paddle 1/2 Turn.
7&8L Cross, Side R (&) Heel L. Vaudeville. (6.00)

SECTION 3: Cross Hinge 1/2 Turn, R Chasse, Rocking chair, Step- Kick.
&1-2Replace L next to R (&) Cross R over L. Turn 1/4 R back L (9.00)
3&4Turn 1/4 R Chasse R (12.00)
5&6Forward Rock L & Back Rock L.
&7-8Recover R (&) Step L forward. Kick R forward.

SECTION 4: Walks & Heel Touches forward.
&1-2Replace R (&) Walk L, Walk R.
3&4&Touch L Heel forward & Touch R Heel forward (Heel Switches)
5-6Replace R (&) Walk L, Walk R.
&7&8Touch L Heel forward & Touch R Heel forward (Heel Switches)

SECTION 5: Step 1/2 Turn, Forward Shuffles, Forward Rock.
&1-2Replace R (&) Step L 1/2 Turn R. (6.00)
3&4L Shuffle forward.
5&6R Shuffle forward.
7-8Forward Rock L (recover L)

SECTION 6: Shuffle 3/4 Turn. Side Switches, Kick, Hitch.
1&2Shuffle 3/4 Turn L on L,R,L. (9.00)
3&4&Point R Side & Point L Side (Switches) Replace L.
5&6Point/ Touch R out to side. Touch R in next to L. Step R to R side.
7-8Kick L forward, Hitch L.

SECTION 7: Chasse/ Shuffling Box, Hinge Turn.
1&2L Side Chasse. (9.00)
3&4Turn 1/4 R Side Chasse. (12.00)
5&6Turn 1/4 L Side Chasse. (3.00)
7-8Turn 1/4 R Step R Side. (6.00) Turn 1/4 L Side. (9.00) Hinge 1/2 Turn.

SECTION 8: Sailor 1/4 Turn. Rock & Stomp Stomp, Hip Bump Bump.
1&2Behind L, Turn 1/4 L, Step R forward. (6.00)
3-4&Forward Rock L, Recover R (&) Replace L.
5-6Stomp R, Stomp L.
7-8Hip Bumps R Bump L.

Start Again.

RESTART- During Wall 3 After 32 Counts (Heels) Facing Front Wall.

TAG- End of Wall 4. Facing Back Wall. (8 count tag)
1-2-3-4Hold (for 4 counts) Music Stops.
5&6Side Shuffle to R side (R,L,R)
7&8Side Shuffle to L side (L,R,L)
Everyday I'm Shufflin :o)



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