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Intermediate / Advanced
Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK) - May 2011
Tomorrow - Chris Young
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16 count intro – 142bpm – 3.42

[1-9] L fwd, R fwd rock/recover, ½ R & R fwd, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, L fwd, R side rock-recover-cross, L side rock-recover-cross
1, 2&3Step L forward, rock R forward, recover weight on L, turning ½ right step R forward (6 o’clock)
4&5Step L forward, pivot ½ right, cross step L over R (12 o’clock)
6&7Rock R side, recover weight on L, cross step R over L
8&1Rock L side, recover weight on R, cross step L over R
Non-turning option for 1, 2&3, 4&5: L fwd, R fwd mambo, L coaster cross

[10-16] R side rock/recover, R behind L, L side, R cross step, ½ L unwind, L cross step, R side rock/recover, R behind L, L sweep, L back rock/recover
2&3&Rock R side, recover weight on L, cross step R BEHIND L, step L side
4&5Cross step R over L, unwind ½ left with weight on R, cross step L over R (6 o’clock)
6&Rock R side, recover weight on L
7&Cross step R slightly behind L, sweep L from front to back
8&Rock L back, recover weight on R

[17-25] R fwd spiral turn, R fwd, L fwd mambo with L back drag, R coaster, L fwd, ½ R pivot, L fwd, ½ L & R back, ¼ L & L side
1-2L forward executing full R spiral (or L forward), R forward
3&4Rock L forward, recover weight on R, big step L back
5&6Step R back, step L together, step R forward
7&8Step L forward, pivot ½ right, step L forward (extended 5th) (12 o’clock)
&1Turning ½ left step R back, turning ¼ left step L side (3 o’clock)

[26-32] R cross rock-recover-side, L cross rock-recover- ¼ L, R fwd, ½ L pivot, R fwd, full turning triple fwd (end of triple is count 1 of next wall)
2&3Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L, step R side
4&5Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R, turning ¼ left step L forward (12 o’clock)
6&7Step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward (extended 5th if you want to execute next turn) (6 o’clock)
8&Step L forward, step R forward OR full R turning triple

RESTARTS: At end of walls 2, 4, 6 dance 1st 8 counts of dance which returns you to front wall and restart the dance again (you are dancing the first 8 counts twice)

TAG: At the end of wall 5 facing back wall there is a 2 count pause. Add the following counts and then restart the dance facing back wall.
1-4L fwd (which is the end of the turning triple as usual), step R fwd

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