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Please Stay

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Christa Klaasenbos (NL) - June 2011
Stay - Ronan Keating
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Nightclub step l,r- ½ turn left- triple steps
1-2&L.V step left – R.V rock behind L.V – recover on L.V
3-4&R.V step right- L.V rock behind R.V – recover on R.V
5L.v step forw.
6&7R.V step forw – ½ turn left – R.V step forw.
8&1L.V run forw. L,R,L

Rock step- ¼ sailorstep –wave-sailorstep
2-3R.V rock forw. – recover on L.V
4&5R.V ¼ sailorstep right
6&7L.V cross over R.v- R.V step right – L.V cross behind R.V
8&1R.V sailorstep

Cross mambo 2x- shuffle – mambo
2&3L.V cross mambo
4&5R.V cross mambo
6&7L.V shuffle forw.
8&1R.V mambo forw.

Walk back – lockstep – rockstep – shuffle
2-3L.V walk back – R.V walk back
4&5L.V lockstep back
6-7R.V rock back – recover on L.V
8&1R.V shuffle forw.

Nightclubstep – ¼ right- shuffle – sway
2-3&L.v step left – R.V rock behind L.v – recover on L.V
4R.V ¼ turn right
Reastard on wall 4
5&6L.V shuffle forw.
7-8R.V sway right-left

½ turn right – lockstep – rock step –cross rock
1&2RV cross over L.v – ¼ turn right – ¼ turn right
3L.V step forw.
4&5R.V lockstep forw.
6-7L.V rock left – recover on R.V
8&L.V cross over R.V recover on R.V

Ending section 6 – 8&1 L.V cross rock – recover – R.V cross behind L.V ½ right


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