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Take U Home

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Junior Willis (USA) - July 2011
Wanna Take You Home (Remix) - Gloriana
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Start: 16 counts into music (right after vocals on the instrumental part)

Scuff, Hitch, Step, Hip Roll w/ Flick, Side Triple, Rock, Recover, Step
1&2Scuff L heel forward, bring it up to a hitch in a circular motion, step L out to left
3-4Roll hips CCW, bring R foot up and flick it behind L leg
Styling: look at R foot over L shoulder
5&6Triple to right side (step R to right, step L next to R, step R to right)
7&8Rock L behind R, recover on R, turn ¼ left stepping L forward (9:00)

Heel Switch, Heel Switch, Heel and Toe, Scuff, Hitch, Step, ¼ Pivot
1&2&Place R heel forward, step R next to L, place L heel forward, step L next to R
3&4Place R heel forward, step R next to L, touch L toe back
5&6Scuff L heel forward, bring L knee to a hitch, step L next to R
7-8Step R forward, pivot ¼ left placing weight on L (6:00)

Heel, Flick, Heel, Flick, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Rock, Recover, Walk, Walk
1&2&Place R heel forward, flick R heel out to R, place R heel forward, flick R heel out to R
3&4Stomp R forward, stomp L forward, stomp R forward
5-6Rock forward on L, recover on R
7-8Walk back L, walk back R
Styling: using both hands, motion to come with you

Rock, Recover, Scuff, Hitch, Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Sway, Sway with ¼ Turn, Triple
1&2&Rock back on L, recover on R, scuff L heel forward, bring L knee to a hitch
3&4Rock L out to left, recover on R, cross step L over R
5-6Step R out to right swaying hips right, sway hips left making ¼ turn right (weight on L) (9:00)
7&8Triple forward (step R forward, step L next to R, step R forward)

Begin Again……

Music: NOT available on ITunes, since this is the “Boot Kickin Remix”
The only place to get this remix is:
*Remix available from Marco Club Connection


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