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My Cowboy

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Junior Willis (USA) - October 2009
My Cowboy - Jessie James
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Start: 32 counts into music (at vocals)

4 Skates, Cross, Recover, Step, Cross, Recover, Step, Step
1-2Push R forward and diagonally to right, push L forward and diagonally to left
3-4Push R forward and diagonally to right, push L forward and diagonally to left
5&6&Cross step R over L, recover on L, step R back to home, cross step L over R
7&8Recover on R, step L back to home, step R forward

Triple Forward, Chase ½ Left, Syncopated Vine, Side Rock Cross
1&2Step L forward, step R next to L, step L forward
3&4Step R forward, turn ½ left and place weight on L, step R forward (6:00)
5&6&Step L out to L, step R behind L, step L out to L, step R over L
7&8Rock L out to L, recover on R, step L over R

Hip Bumps, ¼ Turn Together, Forward Rock Recover, Back Rock Recover, Scuff Hitch Step
1&2Touch R out to R while bumping hips to R, bump hips to L, bump hips to R (putting weight on R)
3&4Step L forward, turn ¼ to R (putting weight on R), step L next to R (9:00)
5&6&Rock forward on R, recover on L, rock back on R, recover on L
7&8Scuff R heel forward, bring R knee to a hitch position (while slightly leaning back), step down on R

Kick, Step, Rock cross Recover, Rock side Recover, Step Back, Step Out w/ Slow Hip Roll, 2 Fast Hip Rolls
1&2&Kick L forward, step L next to R, rock R across L, recover on L
3&4Rock R out to R, recover on L, step back on R
5-6Step L out to L and begin a SLOW hip roll counter-clockwise for two counts
7-8Hip roll counter-clockwise, hip roll counter-clockwise (ending with weight on L)

Begin again……

One Restart: Occurs during the 3rd wall (you will be facing the front for the restart), do the first 16 counts of the
dance and begin again….

TAG - 4 Count Tag:
At the end of wall 7 (including the restart wall) you will be facing the front, repeat the last 4 counts of
the dance (the hip roll part), and begin again.

Ending: The song ends on the last beat of the dance. You will be facing the back wall while doing the hip
rolls. On the last beat, turn your head and look over your left shoulder to the front for a cool ending!!

Contact: E-Mail: - Website: - Date: 10/1/09


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