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Rich Firth (UK) - September 2011
My Body - Young the Giant
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Section 1: Right Rock & Left Rock & Right Rock Cross Shuffle
1-2&Rock R to R side(1), recover onto L(2), step R next to L(&)
3-4&Rock L to L side(3), recover onto R(4), step L next to R(&)
5-6Rock R to R side(5), recover onto L(6)
7&8Cross R over L(7), step L to L side(&), cross R over L(8)

Section 2: 1/4, 1/4 Shuffle, Step 1/2 Pivot Step, Full Turn, Side Rock Cross
1Turn 1/4 R stepping back on L(1) (3.00)
2&3Turn 1/4 R stepping forward on R(2), close L next to R(&), step forward on R(3) (6.00)
4&5Step forward L(4) turn 1/2 R(&), step forward on L(5) (12.00)
6-7Full turn L stepping back on R(6), forward on L(7)
8&1Rock R to R side(8), recover onto L(&), cross R over L(1)

Section 3: Side Rock 1/4, Kick Kick, Coaster Step, Step Lock Step
2&3Rock L to L side(2), recover onto R turning 1/4 R(&), step forward L(3) (3.00)
4-5Kick R forward(4), Kick R forward(5)
6&7Step back R(6), close L next to R(&), step forward R(7)
8&1Step forward L(8), lock R behind L(&), step forward L(1)

Section 4: Step 1/2 Pivot, 1/4 L, Behind, Side Close Side Close Side
2-3Step forward R(2), turn 1/2 L(3) (9.00)
4-5Turn 1/4 L stepping R to R side(4), cross L behind R(5) (6.00)
6&7Step R to R side(6), close L next to R(&), step R to R side(7)
&8Close L next to R(&), step R to R side(8)

Section 5: Cross Rock & Cross Side, Sailor 1/4, Full turn Left Shuffle
1-2&Cross rock L over R(1), recover onto R(2), step L to L side(&)
3-4Cross step R over L(3), step L to L side(4)
5&6Cross R behind L(5), step L next to R(&), Turn 1/4 R stepping forward on R(6) (9.00)
7&8&Turn 1/2 R stepping back on L(7), turn 1/2 R stepping forward on R(&), step forward L(8), close R next to L(&)

Section 6: Stomp Heel Down, Stomp Heel Down, Kick Ball Change, Step 1/4 Cross
1&2Stomp L(1), lift L heel up(&), lower L heel(2)
3&4Stomp R(3), lift R heel up(&), lower R heel(4)
5&6Kick L forward(5), step L next to R(&), step forward R(6)
7&8Step forward L(7), turn 1/4 R(&), cross L over R(8) (12.00)

Section 7: 1/4, 1/4, Right Shuffle, Forward Rock, Coaster Step
1-2Turn 1/4 L stepping back on R(1), turn 1/4 L stepping forward on L(2) (6.00)
3&4Step forward R(3), close L next to R(&), step forward R(4)
5-6Rock forward on L(5), recover onto R(6)
7&8Step back on L(7), close R next to L(&), step forward on L(8)

Section 8: Step 1/2 Pivot, Heel & Heel & Step 1/2 Pivot Sweep Behind Side Cross
1-2Step forward on R(1), turn 1/2 L(2) (12.00)
3&4&R heel Forward(3), step R next to L(&), L heel forward(4), step L next to R(&)
5-6&Step forward on R(5), turn 1/2 L(6), sweep L out to L side(&) (6.00)
7&8Cross L behind R(7), step R to R side(&), cross L over R(8)

Repeat and Enjoy!


Rich Firth September 7, 2011
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