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Phrased High Intermediate
Winnie Yu (CAN) - October 2011
Thriller - Michael Jackson : (Album: Special Edition)
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Note:- Ref. & Mod. from Michael Jackson - " Thriller " Featured Video

Intro: 48 counts - Sequence: 128, hold 4 counts, 16 (Restart), 128, Tag, 128, Tag, 32 (End)

Sec. 1: (Walk Forward, Hold) x 4
[Option: walk like a zombie with head & hands drop down]
1-8Walk forward - R, hold, L, hold, R, hold, L, hold

Sec. 2: Back x3, hold, Back x3, hold [Look Up]
1-3, &4Walk Back – R, L, R, hold ( &4 head bent down & up R side way & R shoulder up)
5-7, &8Walk Back – L, R, L, hold ( &8 head bent down & up R side way & R shoulder up)

Sec. 3: 1/4 L ( Side, Together) x 2
1-81/4 L (R Side - 2 count, L together-2 count ) x 2 ( with move pelvis forward & back, L hand forward, R hand back) (9:00)

Sec. 4: Chasse R, 1/2 R , Chasse L, Touch
1-2-3-4Step right to right side, step left together, step right to right side, with ball of right ft ½ right 3:00 (swimming hands - Upper body face 12:00)
5-6-7-8Step left to left side, step right together, step left to left side, touch right next to left
(swimming hands - Upper body face12:00)

Sec. 5: Fwd, Back, Hold, Fwd, Back, Hold, Together, Touch Back, 1/4 R, Down, Up
&1,2Step right forward, step left back, hold (head look up) (1:00)
&3,4Step right forward, step left back, hold (head look down) (1:00)
&5,6Step right together, touch L to left side, turn head to 12:00 (with hand movement)
7,8body bend down, up

Sec. 6: Together, Side, Hold x2 , Together, Hold ,Shoulders Up Down, Turn Head
1-4(1) Step left together (clap both hand on top), (2) step right side (bend knee), hold 2 counts (2-4: head move sideway)
5,&6,7&8Step left together, (shoulders up, down), hold 7, ( &8 head look R side, centre)

Sec. 7: Side, Hold x2, Together, Hold, Shoulders Up Down, Turn Head
1-4(1)(clap), (2) step left side (bend knee), hold 2 counts (2-4: head sideway)
5,&6,7&8Step right together, (shoulder up, down), hold 7, ( &8 head look L side, centre)

Sec. 8: (with slighty hitch) Side, Side, Chasse R, Side, Side, Chasse L
1-2, 3&4Side R-L, chasse R
5-6, 7&8Side L-R, chasse L

Sec. 9: Toes Up, Down, Sway R, Recover hitch, Shoulders up, down, Lift Up L
1-4(Push both hands forward) Toes up, down, sway to right, recover onto left with hitch
5&6&7&Step right to right side with shoulders up down (transfer weight to sideway)
8Lift up left foot straight leg (hand R up)

Sec. 10: Side, Shoulders up, down, 1/4 R hitch R, Tonka R, 1/2 L Fwd hitch left
Touch, Back, Touch, Fwd, Touch
1&2&3&Step left to left side with shoulders up down (transfer weight to sideway)
41/4R hitch (claws hands) (3:00)
5-8Walk – R, L, R, 1/2 L hitch (claws hands) (9:00)

Sec. 11: Side, Side, Side, Cross, Side, Jump Up, Hand circle
1-2Side L with hitch R, (claw hands R - 1:00), side R with hitch L(claw hands L- 11:00),
3-4step left to left side, cross right over left,
5-6Step left to left side, jump up (with both feet apart),
7-8(both hands made a big circle counter clockwise)

Sec. 12: Bend down Upper Body , Both feet straight (shake body down, up, down, up), Sway
R, L, R, ½ R Jump
1-4Bend down Upper Body – Both feet straight , down, up, down, up ( with body shake
&lean down both hands)
5-8Sway – R, L, R (with swing both hands R,L,R), jump ½ right (6:00)

Sec. 13: Sway L, R, L, ½ L Jump, Bend Knee (down, up x 2), Sway R, L, R, ½ R Jump
1-4Sway – L, R, L (with swing hands L,R,L), jump ½ left
5-8Sway – R, L, R (swing hands), hold (punch yr right butt)

Sec. 14: (Waving R hand Up) Hook, Out, Out, Bend, Hold
1-4Waving Right hand Up X 4 (no foot work)
5&6,7-8Flick right foot up, out – R , out L, bend down (hands on thighs), hold 8

Sec. 15: Chug steps ½ R, (still bend down) Look back
1-6With weight on R, chug ½ R (with body bent down & hands on thighs)
7-8Turn head look over left shoulder (look back)

Sec. 16: Zig Zag Walk Fwd x6 (still bend down), Jump Cross, 1/2 L
1-6Zig Zag Walk fwd – R, L, R, L, R, L
7-8Jump cross right over left, ½ L (weight on left)

Tag : (8 counts)
1-4Walk R, hold, Walk L, hold
5-7&8Back – R, L, Touch R next to left, hold ( &8: head bend down & up sideway)


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