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When We Stand Together

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Easy Intermediate
Kicki E (SWE) - October 2011
When We Stand Together - Nickelback
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24 counts intro

Step, step, right rock cross, turn ¼ , turn ½ , kick ball step
1,2Step fw right left
3&4step RF to right, recover on LF, cross RF over LF
5,6turn ¼ right while stepping back with LF, step RF forward while turning ½ to the right.
7&8kick LF, step back in place, step RF fw
(Tag on the 7 wall, than restart)

L touch & body roll, lock steps back, cross back unwind ½ , R crossing shuffle
1&2touch left toe fw, bend knees and make a bodyroll (with a little WTF-attitude)
3&4step back with LF, lock RF in front of LF, step back with LF
5,6cross RF behind LF, unwind with a ½ turn right (weight on the RF)
7&8cross LF over RF, step RF right, cross LF over RF.

R rock rec, behind side cross, L rock fw , L coasterstep
1,2step right with RF, recover on LF
3&4Step RF behind LF, step left with LF, cross RF over LF
5,6step fw with LF, recover on RF
7&8step back with LF, step RF beside, step fw with LF
(Restart on wall 3)

R kick hitch step back, L coaster step, R stomp, hold, L sailor turn ½
1&2kick fw with RF, hitch and step back
3&4step back with LF, step RF beside, step fw with LF
5,6stomp RF fw, hold
7&8step back on left, while turning ½ left, step together with right, step left with LF

Tag 18 counts
(&) Jump left, (1) touch RF to LF, (&) jump R (2) touch LF into RF, (&) jump left, (3) step right beside,(&) jump left (4) touch RF beside
(&) Jump right, (5) touch LF to RF, (&) jump L (6) touch RF into LF, (&) jump right, (7) step left beside,(&) jump right (8) step LF beside (weight on LF)
(1-2) Step turn left ½, (3-4) Step turn left ½, (5-6) right rock fw, recover on LF
(1,2,3,4) bounce with RF 4 x.


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