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Fake ID

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Intermediate Pop
Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) - November 2011
Fake ID (feat. Gretchen Wilson) - Big & Rich : (Album: Footloose 2011)
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Intro: 16 counts

Cross, side rock, behind side cross, side rock, behind side
1-2-3Cross left over right(1), rock right to right(2), recover onto left(3)
4&5Step right behind left(4), step left to left(&), cross right over left(5)
6-7-8&Rock left to left(6), recover onto right(7), step left behind right(8), step right to right(&)

Cross, side rock, sailor 1/4 right, rock forward recover, triple full turn left
1-2-3Cross left over right(1), rock right to right(2), recover onto left(3)
4&5Step right behind left turning 1/4 right(4), step left slightly to left(&), step right to right(5) (3.00)
6-7Rock forward left(6), recover onto right(7)
8&1Triple full turn left(weight on left)

Pivot 1/4, Vaudeville, Jazz box
2-3Step forward right (2), pivot 1/4 left(3) (12.00)
4&5&Cross right over left(4), step left to left(&), bring right heel forward(5)step right beside left(&)
6-7-8Cross left over right(6), step right back(7), step left beside right(8)

Monterey 1/4 turn, side rock, sailor step, kick ball point
1-2Point right to right(1)making 1/4 right step right beside left(2) (3.00)
3-4Rock left to left(3) recover onto right(4)
5&6Step left behind right(5), step right slightly to right(6) step left to left(6)
7&8Kick right forward(7), step right beside left(&), point left to left(8)

Start again

Tag 20 counts: after wall 2,(3),5 - (Tag after wall 3 only do 16 counts)
Cross point (L&R) x2
1-2Cross left over right(1), point right to right (2)
3-4Cross right over left(3), point left to left(4)
5-6Cross left over right(5) point right to right (6)
7-8Cross right over left(7) point left to left(8)

Heel switches, pivot 1/2 turn, heel switches 1/2 turn,
1&2&Touch left heel forward(1), step left beside right(&), touch right heel forward(2), step right beside left(&)
3-4Step left forward(3) turn 1/2 turn right, weight on right(4)
5&6&Touch left heel forward(5) step left beside right(&), touch right heel forward(6) step right beside left(&)
7-8Step left forward(7) turn 1/2 turn right, weight on right(8)

Stomp hitch, stomp hitch, stomp Stomp
1&Stomp left forward(1) hook right behind left touching back of left leg(&)
2&Stomp right to right(2) hook left behind right touching back of right leg(&)
3-4Stomp left forward(3) stomp right to right(4)

RESTART: on wall 7th do until count 28 and restart...

Ending after wall 11(hey mister, hey mister)
Point right finger to left 4 counts
Point right finger to right 4 counts



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