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Kate Damgaard (DK) - November 2011
Stjernelys - Neighbours : (Album: I Det Akustiske Hjørne)
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R Heel hook Heel Hook - R Side rock - R step fwd – HOLD
1-4Right heel fwd, hook in front of left, Right heel fwd, hook in front of left
5-8Right side rock, recover Left, Right step fwd, Hold (8)

L Side - Together – Side – Knee pop – R Side – Together – Side – HOLD
1-4Step L to side, Step R together, Step L to side, Pop R knee in front of left
5-8Step R to side, Step L together, Step R to side, Hold (8)

L Sailor ¼ turn – Step fwd – L Scissor step – HOLD
1-4Step L behind R while turning ¼ to the L, Step R to side, Step L to side, Step R fwd
5-8Step L to side, R together, Cross L in front of R, Hold (8)

Side rock ¼ turn – Side toe strut – Jazz box – HOLD
1-2Step R to side (side rock), Recover on L with ¼ turn to the L
3-4Touch R toe to the R side, Step down on R foot on the spot
5-8Cross L over R, Step R back, Step L to side, Hold (8)

TAG: after walls 4 – 8 – 12 .. . and also end the dance with a tag after wall 14
[1-8] Touch R together, Hold, Step R to side, Hold, Touch L together, Hold, Step L to side, Hold
Every tag is after he sings” kys” and while he is singing “kys på kinden” in the chorus

Start over and have fun … Hope you’ll enjoy the dance


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