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Pick A Bale

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Unknown - November 2011
Pick a Bale of Cotton - John Littleton
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Intro: 32 count

Heel touch, Kick x2
1 &Touch Right heel forward, Step Right beside Left.
2 &Touch Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right.
3 &Kick Right diagonally forward Right twice
4Point Right to Right side.

Heel slap, ½ turn Right, Stomp
5 – 6Slap Right heel behind Left with Left hand, Point Right to Right side.
7 – 8Turn ½ Right and step Right beside Left, Stomp Left beside Right.

Tag: 8 count tag after wall 4, 12, 20 & 28 (facing front wall)
Clap hands for 8 counts.


carl November 24, 2011
tought this dance best thing we done all year brilliant party dance all ages

Roz April 24, 2012
I agree with Carl
Class loved it to bits & we sure had some fun & laughs doing it
Great little dance

apple May 13, 2012
Where can I get this track please? Amazon link above doesn't work. Help!

Roz May 13, 2012
email me i will send it to you

apple May 13, 2012
That's very kind of you. I have just sent you an email.

wylde1 May 21, 2012
where i can i get the track for this dance plz?

Squidgy May 31, 2012
Hi, Where can I get this track from please?

Yada November 3, 2012
What fun. It may start out dull but everyone is laughing by the end!

OreoBay February 27, 2022
I just learned this dance, believe it or not in 2022. I cannot find the music. Can anyone help? I tried to email Roz, above, but it was sent back, as it prolly was an old email. Thank you.

Pandamomma March 9, 2022
I’ve searched everywhere for this track too. I can’t believe it’s nowhere to be found

OreoBay March 10, 2022
Thanks Pandamomma. Can anyone help? We would love this track!!!!

Squidgy March 10, 2022
It is available on Amazon.
Try this link ...
or this one for the album it is on ...
The album is called "26 Grands Classiques du Gospel".
Hope that helps.

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