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Holly Jolly Rock

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Simone Anderson (UK) - November 2011
Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Bublé
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[1 – 8] Weave right , side rock and cross, hold
1 – 4Step side right., step behind left, step side right, cross in front with left
5 - 6Rock side with right, recover onto left
7 – 8Cross right over left, hold

[9 – 16] Heel digs right and left, ½ pivot turn hold
1 - 2Heel dig left forward, close left to right,
3 - 4Heel dig right forward, close right to left
5 - 6Step forward left, pivot turn ½ to right ending with weight on right
7 - 8Step fw on L , hlod

[17 – 24] Shuffle forward right, hold, Box step with ¼ turn left
1 - 4Shuffle forward right, left, right, hold
5 - 6Cross left over right, making a ¼ turn left step back on right
7 - 8Step side left, hold

[25 – 32] Cross rock, recover, step side right, hold, cross left over right, claps x 2
1 - 4Cross right over left, recover to left, step side right, hold.
5 – 8Cross left over right , clap twice, hold

Start over

Ending: Dance up to count 20 (shuffle fwd right) then turn a ¼ to the front and pose!

NB* There is a section where Michael sings a little slower, but just keep dancing at the same speed.


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