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Trashy Women (P)

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Unknown - December 2011
Trashy Women - Confederate Railroad
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(Side by side position, man starts with Right foot, Lady
Starts with Left foot, Man on inside of circle – lady outside)

3 Forward Shuffles
1- 6Man - shuffle fwd RLR, LRL, RLR
1- 6Lady - shuffle fwd LRL, RLR, LRL

¼ Turn Right, Vine Left, ¼ turn Left
7-10Man - ¼ turn right (face partner), step left to side, cross Right behind, step Left to side with ¼ turn to left (facing line of dance), scuff
7-10Lady - ¼ turn left (face partner), step Right to side, cross Left behind, step Right to side with ¼ turn to left (facing line of dance), scuff

Back 3/Touch
11-14Man - walk back Right, Left, Right, touch Left to left side
11-14Lady - walk back Left, Right, Left, touch Right to right side

Kissing Feet
15-18Partners kiss outside feet in front, touch feet to side, kiss outside feet behind, touch feet to side

Double Hip Bumps
19 – 22Bump inside hips towards partner twice, bump hips to outside twice

Single Hip Bumps
23 – 24Bump inside hips towards partner once, bump hips away once

Two ½ Pivot Turns
25-28Man -step Right forward, turn ½ turn to left, step left forward, repeat
25-28Lady -step Left forward, turn ½ turn to right, step right forward, repeat

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