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Udo "Homer" Drescher (DE) - December 2011
Urgent - Foreigner
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Heel Jack – Cross – Cross – Side – Drag
1RF step side right
2LF cross behind right
&RF step side right
3LF touch left heel diagonal left
&LF step next to RF
4RF cross over LF
&LF step side left
5RF cross over LF
&LF step side left
6RF cross over LF
7LF big step side left
8RF drag RF beside LF (no weight)

Sailor Step – Behind - ¾ Unwind – Walk –Walk – Shuffle
9RF cross behind LF
&LF step side left
10RF step side right
11LF touch left toes behind RF
12LF ¾ unwind left (weight on LF) (3:00)
13RF step forward
14LF step forward
15RF step forward
&LF step next to RF
16RF step forward

Rock – Recover – Shuffle Back – Back – Drag – Coaster Step
17LF rock forward
18RF recover
19LF step back
&RF step next to LF
20LF step back
21RF big step back
22LF drag next to RF (no weight)
23LF step back
&RF step next to LF
24LF step forward

½ Monterey Turn – Rolling Grapevine – Cross
25RF touch side right
26RF ½ Turn right step next to LF (9.00)
27LF touch side left
&LF step next to RF
28RF touch to right side
29RF ¼ Turn right step forward
30LF ½ Turn right step back
31RF ¼ Turn right step side right
32LF cross over RF

Tag/Restart : After 4th wall start dance through count 14 then add following 2 steps:
15RF walk forward
16LF walk forward
Then start the dance again facing 9:00


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