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Like A Love Song

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Kaarel Kuimet (EST) - January 2012
Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene
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Intro: 4 sec approximately or start on lyrics( if the music is from video with intro)

[1 – 8] Grapewine, Side, Cross back, Shuffle 1/4,
1 - 4R to R side, cross L behind R, R to R side, touch L next to R
5 6L to L, cross R behind L
7&8turning 1/4 L, shuffle fwr L,R,L

[9 – 16] Rocking Chair, Rock fwr, ½ shuffle, Rock with L,
1&2&rock fwr on R, recover on L, rock back with R, recover on L
3 4rock fwr on R, recover on L
5 & 6½ shuffle to R, stepping 1/4 to R with R, L next to R, 1/4 to R with R fwr
7 8rock fwr on L, recvover back to R

[17 – 24] Coaster step, ½ turn to L, 1/4 turn L with shuffle,
1&2step back with L, R next to L, fwr with L
3 4step R fwr, make ½ pivot turn to L
5 & 6turning 1/4 to L, shuffle to R side, R,L, R
7 8step L behind R, step R to R side

[25-32] Sailor 1/4 to L, Jazz box ½ to R, Side rock, Sailor with L,
1&2make 1/4 turn to L, stepping back on L, step R next to L, step fwr on L
3&4cross R over L, 1/4 turn to R, stepping back on L, 1/4 turn to R, stepping fwr on R
5 6rock L to L side, recover on R
7& 8step L behind R, step R to R side, step L to L side*

*TAG 16 counts: After 8th wall, After 32 counts - nightclub style
[1-8] Nightclub basic, 1/4 turn, ½ turn, ½ turn, full turn, ½ turn,
1 2 &R to R side, L next to R, R over L
34&5 1/4 to R stepping back with L, 1/2 turn R stepping R fwr, turn R 1/2 weight on L foot, step fwr on R
6 & 7step fwr on L, turn L stepping back on R, turn 1/2 left stepping fwr with L
8 &Step fwr on R, make 1/2 pivot to left

[9-16] Diamond, Hip Sway 3x
1 2&with 1/4 turn to L step R to R side, 1/8 to L, step L diagonally back, step back with R
3 4&with 1/8 turn to L step L to L side, step R 1/8 fwr to L diag(1/8), step L fwr
5 6&with 1/8 turn to L step R to R side, 1/8 to L, step L diag(1/8) back, step back with R
7 8&with 1/8 turn to L step L to L side(sway hip to left), sway hip to R, sway to L(weight on L)

Here it is, my first dance. I hope You enjoy it as much i did whilst making it. :)
Special thanks to Danny Z. for having an inspirational coversation with me. :)


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