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Sick of Me

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Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - March 2011
Sick of Me - Miss Willie Brown
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Side R step, Sailor Step, Side Left step, Sailor ½ turn
1,2Step R, to R side, Recover on L
3&4Cross R behind L, step left to side, step right to side
5,6Step L to side, Recover on R
7&8Sweep L ½ turn behind R, Step R to side, Step L to side

Heal, And Heal, Step R, Step L, Body Roll Kick, Coaster Step
1&2R heel forward, L heel forward (You should be moving forward on these steps)
&3,4Quickly step down on L, Step R out, Step L out (about shoulder width apart, weight on L)
5,6Roll your R shoulder down shifting the weight to your R, raise your L shoulder up as you kick L diagnal forward
7&8(Staying on a slight diagonal) Step L back, Step R together, Step L forward
(Restarts occur here on 3rd and 8th wall after 16 counts in)

Cross, Side, Sailor Step, Cross, 1/4 turn L, 1/4 shuffle forward
1,2Step R in front of L, Step L to side
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to side, step R to side
5,6Step L in front of R, Step R to side
7&8Shuffle ½ turn L, R, L

1/4 Turn Monterey, Hip Bumps
1,2Point R to R side, ¼ turn R,
3,4Point L to side, Bring L together with R
5&6Step R forward, Bump hips R, L, R
7&8Recover on L, Bump hips L,R,L

Occur while dancing on 3rd wall (you will be facing the 12 o'clock wall on the 1st restart)
and 8th wall (you will be facing the 6 o'clock wall on the 2nd restart) 16 counts in to dance. (Square up to front wall to restart the dance)


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